Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What did you get for Christmas?

One thing I noticed this year... im getting old.... I got 4 gifts I was REALLY excited about. One was from Meri. She got me a cantle bag! I am very excited about it and I LOVE it!

It was awesome because Meri was SO afraid I wouldnt like it... so to easy your fears again I am VERY happy!

Then I got a silverware set (I almost jumped for joy on that one)

3. A set of stainless Steel mixing bowls!

and 4. I got an 11 piece Cuisinart Stainless Steel cookware set! 

I was jumping for joy over the kitchen stuff... yes I am officially old 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Plans for holidays

This year it seems that Christmas kind of snuck up on us. Of course this week is going to draaaggg out now right? I spent the past few days baking. Lots of baking. I think Jake enjoys it because he gets to eat the ones that dont turn out!

So anyways Jake and I have already given each other our presents. Jake got a new electric razor (the norelco one) and he got some lingerie (he LOVED that part of his present). Jake gave me a treadmill. I am VERY happy with that. Poor guy wanted to get me horse stuff, but I am WAY to picky at times. I love my husband he tries so hard!

We waited until last night to wrap presents, and this morning the kids came out and about had a heart attack. They thought it was Christmas and it was time to open presents! The anticipation is going to kill them :)

So far our plans for Christmas eve are still up in the air, we have to wait and see what Jakes parents are planning. We invited them down, but there was some confusion between them and Melissa and Ryan on childcare :). Then we are driving down to longview and are spending the night with my parents. Christmas morning we get up and open presents from them and then head up to Grandpas for the BIG opening. Jake has to work at 3pm on Christmas but Im glad he has Christmas morning off (I think his boss was afraid they would lose him if they did make him work Christmas morning). 

The big news is Celina is getting a Guinea Pig for Christmas this year. It was between that and a pony but I wasnt able to find a pony that suited. I love the fact that I know enough that I CAN get her a pony and teach her how to correctly care for it and ride. But for now, its a Guinea Pig.

We are looking for a place that will handle more horses that is closer to Centralia as I am taking in training horses and right now our horses have to be down the road at a neighbors place as we cant have more than 3 horses here, and I have two in training. So yeah. I dont want to move from here as we have amazing neighbors and I love it. But we will see what God has in mind! Anyways love you all and MERRY CHRISTMAS!