Sunday, November 21, 2010

Holding pattern

You know when you are just waiting in a holding pattern? You know that you are going somewhere and a change is coming, but as I said, you stuck in a holding pattern until the date comes.

Our move in date is the 5th so right now we are just sitting and waiting until that date comes. We have to haul the mini van off to scrap. We were supposed to do that tomorrow but Jake didnt have time to finish what he needed to finish on it so that has to wait until Tuesday. We have to finish packing up the house but we cant finish packing  until closer to the move. We have a few things packed but not that many due to the fact I dont want to be living out of boxes for the next 2 1/2 weeks. Been there, done that, aint gonna do it again.

Now back to the "Thank God for small blessings" post

We had a an issue with an old Title loan we had taken out on the Van. It came up that we owed them an extra $75 we dont know about until recently. So we sent in the payment and we got the "release of interest" and with it? A $79 check to cover changing the title over. On top of the fact since we are scraping it, we just need our current title and the release of interest paperwork. So we ended up $4 ahead.

The other small favor is it looks like Jake is going to be getting an extra 15 minutes a day at work. All the of the heads approved it, we just have to wait for final approval. Its not a lot but an extra about hour and a half a week does add up.

Then when it came to hauling off the van we were looking at having to rent a car trailer to do so. We were talking to a friend of ours and he loaned us his large flat bed to use :)

So overall I am definitely thankful for small favors

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thank the Lord

for small blessings............

Thats all I can say!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Not shadow :( And NEW HOUSE!

So after much deliberation (and about an hour staring at pictures with cookie) we have decided that Wiley is not shadow. There were a couple of confirmation things there that DONT change on a horse (like the angle of a horses shoulder. Shadows shoulder was VERY sloped. Which is why he was so good at dressage. Wiley's shoulder was more upright)

On the house news:

We are moving to Onalaska, WA (its actually 4 miles CLOSER to our jobs). Its a 3 bed room 2 bath house on 5 acres with a 24 x 36 pole barn. The house has a very open set up with a back deck and fireplace! Also the master bedroom and the kids bedrooms are on OPPOSITE sides of the house. The kids have their own full bath and we have a JETTED TUB baby!

Have I mentioned the JETTED TUB? That and we can have the dogs in the house with us. The driveway has a gate and the propery is 3/4 fenced.

We are really excited! Pray for us as we move!

Saturday, October 30, 2010


I dont know how many know.... but I have been looking for Shadow for 2 years.... well I think I found him!

 Above is my senior photo on Shadow
 This is "Wiley" the horse I think is him
This is him in 2005

Now keep in mind he would have greyed out (in otherwords lost his spots and become white) so what do you think?

Wow my 60th post

Well so far I have done pretty good at keeping my blog at least partially active :) We are currently just really busy so a lot of times the last thing I feel like doing is blogging. But I am trying to keep active on it.

But until I have a chance to do a longer blog check out our other blog.Christian Country Living. And check out whats going on!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Christian Values.... Close Minded?

      Upsets me when people think that because I am Christian my values are closed minded and discriminatory. If I dont agree with your lifestyle it doesn't mean I hate you, or I don't love you, or what have you. It means I dont agree. Honestly I don't agree with the homosexuality lifestyle. My reason? (Besides what the bible says)  You know some people have issues with lust, some with lying, some with being selfish. Like all sins its something we have to learn to overcome. Christ says so! We are ALL sinners and as much as people like to disagree one sin is as bad as another. WE have put the levels on evilness on it. So just as I have to fight daily to keep my selfishness under control and someone who deals with alcoholism has to fight their urges, so do people who fight homosexual tendencies.  I DO NOT believe that God makes people homosexual. I DO BELIEVE that people fight with un-natural urges. 

     Its the same that some people tell me im close minded because I believe that marriage is in between ONE MAN and ONE WOMEN. Marriage is a biblical "ritual" if you want to call it. Or the fact that I don't agree with divorce (outside of cases of abuse or adultery). 

I could say that I believe your values are closed minded because they close out MY VALUES. I believe in my values for a reason. And honestly im sure you believe in yours for a reason.

The one fact that I have noticed people forget about God is that he is the ULTIMATE in holiness. Which means SIN canNOT be around him. God is also a vengeful God. He is also Jealous. He wants you pure and holy. He IS loving and forgiving and merciful but what I have never understood is WHY would you play with those boundaries and "test" God's limits? Saying things like "God loves me as I am" and "God won't punish me for this" Who are YOU to say? 

We need to be THANKFUL that God is Merciful and Forgiving and not take advantage of it.


My Job is NOT to judge. My job is to love others like myself and to Love my neighbor. And I try to. I try to understand that I can't judge people. That what goes on in their life is in between them and God. I know that  I have issues and sins that I deal with on a daily basis. So why would I judge when I can be judged just as harshly? The fact is us humans have something called free choice. Which means we can CHOOSE to not serve God. So as much as it bothers me at times to see people that once served God with their full heart now renouncing him, I have to take a step back and realize... it's not my choice. IT IS however my choice to love them and leave the rest up to God. A good motto I have learned is: 

Hate the Sin Love the Sinner. 

You can pray for the people you love and always be there for them!

I know this post seems kind of random but something I saw earlier on facebook kind of set me off. Now this is not aimed at any person, this was not to be judgmental and is not to be taken as so. These are my thoughts on the matter. These are my BELIEFS on the matter. So I am asking the same thing I do to you, read it, agree/disagree as you will, and move on. If you want to discuss it in a civil manner I am willing to. But no personal attacks or attacks on my personal beliefs.

For those wondering here are the following scripture verses that I am referring to:
 Gen 19:5-8: and they called to Lot and said to him, 'Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us that we may have relations with them.' But Lot went out to them at the doorway, and shut the door behind him, and said, 'Please, my brothers, do not act wickedly.'

Jude 7 "Just as Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities around them, since they in the same way as these indulged in gross immorality and went after strange flesh, are exhibited as an example, in undergoing the punishment of eternal fire."
 The above are not as direct as below

Lev 18:22 "You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination."

Lev 20:13 "If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death."

1 Cor 6:9 "Or do you not know that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals"

1 Tim 1:9-10 "realizing the fact that (civil) law is not made for a righteous man, but for those who are lawless and rebellious, for the ungodly and sinners, for the unholy and profane, for those who kill their fathers or mothers, for murderers and immoral men and homosexuals and kidnappers and liars and perjurers"

Rom 1:26-27 "For this reason God gave them over to degrading passions; for their women exchanged the natural function for that which is unnatural, and in the same way also the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error."

Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Challenge 101 in 1001!

Ok yet another idea off of my cousins blog The Tervo Times. This is a challenge to accomplish 101 things in 1001 days

My start date is today October 14th 2010

My end Date is July 11, 2013

If you want to do it too you just create a list of 101 measurable, clearly defined tasks and try to achieve them in 1001 days (2.75) years. You can find out more info at

Items Completed will be crossed out.

Items in process will be in Bold Italics

1. Hold a tarantula.
2. Read the bible completely through
3. Run/Walk a half marathon
4. Actually decorate our bedroom
5. Decorate the boys' bedroom
6. Get an hour long massage
7. Do at least 3 family photos (0/3)
8. Do my hunter safety course
9. Learn how to shoot a gun
10. Go on my first hunt! (getting a deer/elk will be extra)
11. Go fishing with my husband
12. Go on an overnight trail ride
13. Hike to the top of Multnomah Falls
14. Go on an all day trail ride with just my husband and I
15. Replace our car
16. Visit California again
17. Take the kids to Northwest Trek
18. Take the kids on the Elbe Train
19. Get a new mattress
20. Try 3 new restaurants (0/3)
21. Buy a Bob Marshall Treeless saddle
22. Get kids' Birth Certificates
23. Attend one of the local plays at the Roxy
24. Get lasik
25. Buy a Lingerie set
26. Convert old VHS movies to DVD
27. Get a new DVD player
28. Get a new TV
29. Rent a house with room for horses
30. Get another client
31. Do P90X (anyone have one I can borrow?)
32. Go camping
33. Rent a cabin in the woods
34. Stay at the Great Wolf Lodge
35. Buy a pair of Ariat Fat Babys
36. Go snowboarding
37. Go to Timberline
38. Get an enhanced License
39. Go to Victoria
40. Take kids to the Oregon Zoo
41. Have my makeup Proffesionally done
42. Go out on a fancy date with my husband (black dress type date)
43. Find a consistent babysitter
44. Learn 10 new recipes
45. Volunteer one weekend a month at a horse rescue for 6 months (0/6)
46. Get my CNA
47. Learn 10 new recipes (0/10)
48. Help someone in need
49. Carve pumpkins with the kids each year (0/2)
50. Buy a new dining ware set
51. Buy a new silverware set
52. Decorate my kitchen
53. Pick up drawing again
54. Sing a trio with my mom and sister
55. Sing a duet with my mom
56. Sing a duet with my husband
57. Raise another guide dog puppy
58. Rescue an animal (even temporarily)
59. Cook a meal with our wood stove
60. Get a family name sign
61. Donate blood at least once
62. Design a holiday mail out
63. Send out the holiday mail outs (0/3)
64. Learn how to make a quilt
65. Make a birthday cake like Grandma did
66. Get pictures with me, my mom, Britt, Gene and Cristi
67. Get pictures with me, my Mom, Britt, Cristi, Gene, Doug, Jake, My kids and Kristopher
68. Ride non-rented horses on the beach (borrow from a friend, or if we have one by then)
69. Take Kids to the Great Wolf Lodge
70. Go sky diving
71. See the Grand Canyon
72. Have my kids meet their Great-Grandma Fitch
73. Have my kids ride a horse at least once a month (1/21)
74. Be in my first parade riding a horse
75. Buy a new swimsuit
76. Get down to 125
77. Take the kids to OMSI
78. Watch a meteor shower
79. Learn how to ballroom dance
80. Learn how to Salsa
81. Start a fire with a Magnifying glass
82. Open a savings account
83. Get a tattoo
84. No fast food for one month
85. Make a rope swing
86. Make a list of 25 things I like about myself and stick it the mirror
87. Eat at Sonic
88. See a Drive-In movie
89. Make Jake breakfast in Bed
90. Go without Caffeine for a month
91. Get a Manicure/Pedicure
92. Take the kids to 5 museums (0/5)
93. Take the kids to the aquarium
94. Change the oil in our car
95. Write a love notes to my husband 3x weekly
96. Plant flowers along the walkway
97. Pay off Credit Cards
98. Teach someone to ride a horse (any volunteers?)
99. Go whale watching
100. Frame one of my drawings and give to a family member
101. Donate $1 to charity for every uncompleted item on this list

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 30 a little late... need Ideas for a new challenge!

I was down with a nasty head cold and it seemed all common sense and all sense of what I needed to get done went out the window. I would get on the computer because I needed to do something, then forget what I got on the computer for

But I pretty much did it... 30 thankful post but in about 35 days *^.^*

Any ideas out there for a new challenge? Let me know! and ill see if ill do better this time lol

Thankyou God that you understand we are not perfect. That you only want us to try our best, to give it 110%. And even when we dont try 110% you still love us. I am in awe of your holiness and the fact that you still love me is amazing.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 29!

Almost there even more lol.

Alls I can say I thank God for work... I need to get away from the kids lol!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

28..,Almost there

So Jake and I had our first date night since my birthday on August 1st. So we went out to eat at olive garden and walked around the mall and walmart... not much but it was nice to just do things without the kids

AND I bought a pair of 7/8 jeans today! WOO HOO! I can NOT tell you how good it felt to get into a smaller size. Now it was only one style that they fit everything else was a 9/10 but still

THANKYOU God for my husband... he is such an amazing God!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Embarassed 26 and 27

Forgot to post once again :(

Ugh... I cant even live up to my own challenge

I think its because everyone in this house is getting sick... so far, Jake and I and Celina have it and I think Anthony is coming down with it

So my thankful thought... thank God for healthy immune systems so we can fight these colds!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 25... realization about horse jargon

On a blog I frequent Fugly Horse of the Day there was a posting today involving "horse jargon"

Now I have realized that a lot of the time when I am talking with my horse friends we cover topics that can sound... well wrong. When I was taking dressage lessons my instructor would be yelling at me "Rock your pelvis back! Now shoulders back think boobs in the air!" Now we were using headsets that use walky talky signals. So you can imagine if you had come upon that certain phrasing while going through the channels... yeah AWKWARD!!!

No some topics that are covered that can make people look twice

Cleaning of a Geldings or Stallions sheath (topic often comes up in a middle of a crowd for some reason)
The stupidity of Arabs (Arabian horses NOT middle eastern people)
Poop (common subject)
and others

So if you hear someone talking in weird terms dont assume the worst... maybe find out what they are talking about!

Thankful thought: I thank God for my gifts and talents that he saw fit to give to me! I pray that I will use them well!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 24 Schedule!

I am Almost there! It has been so busy around this house let me give you an idea of our schedule m-f


6:30 AM: Wake up (very groggy) take a shower and get dressed
6:50 wake the kids up and get them dressed and ready. We grab breakfast
7:18ish: out the door to get the kids to Grandmas
7:20ish at grandmas
7:30 on the road to work
7:55 drop Jake off at work
8:00 Arrive at Letas
1:00 off
250 pick Jake up
3:20ish: Pick kids up
4:00 Finally leave grandmas (lol)
5:00 Dinner
7:30 kids to bed
8:00 work out
8:30 walk dogs
9:00 Bed

7:10 wake up and shower
7:30 Wake kids up (or let them sleep haha)
7:45 Jake leaves
9:00 Head to Grandmas
9:15 leave grandmas
9:30 get to work
4:30 Off work (Jake gets off at normal time)
4:45 Home
5:00 Dinner

7:30 kids to bed
8:00 work out
8:30 walk dogs
9:00 Bed

So yeah as you can see quite busy (obviously that is a generalized schedule)

Thankful thought: Thank you God for giving me patience when I have none, and keeping me going even when my strength runs out!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 22 and 23 :(

Sorry everyone... Yesterday flew by and yeah my bad

so one BIG thankful thought for the day: Thank God for my in-laws who do things like watch our dogs because dixie keeps digging out and are willing to babysit when needed (including the everyday "daycare" type thing!)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 21!

Ok today I bought my FIRST little black dress (seriously Ive never owned one) I figure I have lost almost 60 lbs I deserve to spend $30 (thats all it was) on a cute evening dress. Jake agreed

I know its blurry ill try to get a better pic later... And try to get one NOT of me in the dressing room (with socks on OF COURSE)

Thankful thought? Thank you God for helping me lose this weight. I couldn't have done it without you
So I bought one and I LOVE it! Its a JR's size 9 and fits great

Day 20! WOOT!

So far I have been doing decently

My thought for today? THANK GOD for FULL weekends off!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 19... Long day.. PLUS new layout!

Today was a long day that involved our normal getting up at 630 and then being at work at 8. At somewhere around 9 I was on my way to centralia for my clients dr appointment that was at 1245. We ran to K Mart, Big 5 (where I managed to get a nice sports bra for $17!), walmart, rochester, the Christian book store at the outlet mall, taco bell and then to her appointment. At her appointment we waited for about 30 minutes and she was done 30-45 minutes after that. Then we headed home.

I got back to her house at 3 (im normally off by 1)


KUDOS to Marita for the blog layout LOVE IT (im handicapped when it comes to HTML)

Day 18 Day late :(

Again forgot to post :(

God im thankful that you are a merciful and forgiving God. Even when we mess up you understand!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

day 17....

I am thankful for our jobs. They are just what we need and were ordained for us. THANKYOU GOD!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 16... family

So I am thankful for my family... all of them. If you are related to me in anyway shape or form I consider you family. Even adopted family.

I am thankful for you all!

Day 15

Ok didnt forget to write it, forgot to post it

Thankful for my mom! She is a great woman and I am blessed to have her!~

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 14

Not going to say much.... bad day...

Thankful thought:

Thankyou God for my husband.... he is such an amazing man and I am blessed to be his wife. (im sorry if this is a repeat, but its all I can say)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 13

Lucky day 13, or actually blessed day 13 and so far it has been. I had a good day at work and came home to the dogs being out and the kids playing. You know the normal happened... two of the kids stepped in dog poop, Celina decided to eat all of her ranch and NONE of her veggies, the boys are having melt downs as we speak and of course im cramping :).

Speaking of I know a lot of women who think the pill is annoying, but honestly after having months of never knowing when it was going to show up it is SO nice to know its starts somewhere between monday night and tuesday night the fourth week of my cycle! For so long it would be two weeks after, then five weeks after that, then three.. ugh it was so irritating and so many times I thought "oh great im late" and would go out and buy a test to have my cycle start the next day (or course).

So anyways.. I went a little into left field. We are trying a new orange chicken recipe (thanks to my cousin sierra at The Tervo Times ) so I will let you know how it goes.

Thankful thought for the day..... Im thankful that God hears us. I mean seriously he's GOD he doesnt have to listen to us sinning lowly humans, but he does. He cares for us, hears our cry's and answers our prayers (even when the answers no, not right now or not the answer we want). He hears us. Even when we feel like our prayers are hitting the ceiling he hears us. 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 12 and YAY blogger decided to like me

So yeah yesterday I couldnt get the area where I type to work... so the blog was all in the title hehehe..

Todays word of thanks.... Thankyou God for our jobs. They fit us so well and we dont mind going to work in the morning (ok some mornings we do hehe) You have provided for us in more ways then we can count... our jobs is just one!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 10

Today was draining. I got a call at 6:40 this morning that my mom was in the ER and they were going to admit her. (that didnt end up happening but I spent all day worrying about it). I drove Leta to her Dr appt in Olympia.
Now Jake is in bed with a migraine and im on the couch (my choice not his)

But yeah.

Words of thanks: Thankyou God for my Mom. I dont know what I would do without her! She is my friend, my confidant and she has always been there for me even when Ive been stupid. LOVE YOU MOM!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Day Nine The story of the bull frog that fixed our car!

So our car has been ticking REALLY bad and then started doing this weird "im not in the right gear" jerk.
Well last night on our way home from my parents house we hit a bullfrog or a toad (BIG) and I felt it hit the underside of the car. We laughed about it and went on

I kind of noticed when we turned onto Kindle road that the car wasnt doing its weird jerking thing. But didnt think anything of it. When we got into the garage I got out. And there was NO ticking. The car was purring.

So this morning we turn it on and again no ticking. On the way to work none of the jerking. On our way home we got stopped for a school bus and the car was idling smooth and when we got to Maritas I really listened. No ticking, and the putting sound that was coming from the exhause... GONE

I have no doubt that God works in mysterious ways and honestly I have no idea if the frog had anything to do with it, but my praise for the day?

However you did it THANKYOU for fixing our car!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day Eight... Thankful for...


Ok, seriously I am joking. I just had my first 20 oz soda in like 2 months. I am jittery like no tomorrow! I swear I talked Jakes ear off on our way home lol... hehehehe... Ok ive lost it!

But seriously

I am thankful for my home. A home that came at the right time, in the right place, with the right amount of bedrooms, great landlords, and room for the dogs! This place was a blessing from God... so THANKYOU!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day seven! Thinking of the past week and ahead to the rest of the month!

So this is the end of week one. It has been interesting for me and has made me think a lot. Which is my entire point. I want to get more in the habit of thinking and being grateful for what God has provided. Even though so far I have still had my bad days, but I have noticed more of a peace. At the end of the day thinking back I realize how much God has given me that I really don't deserve. How much God has been there for me when things have gotten difficult or when I think that there is no way to get through.

Right now it has been hard not to stress as our little car (the Ford Escort) is continuing to have more and more problems. It started ticking pretty badly awhile back, we talk to a friend of ours who realized it is related to the exhaust system (the exhaust putters in time with the ticks), but now it has started acting up while driving. It is acting like when you are about to run out of gas, or (with a clutch) like you are driving in too high of a gear for the speed you are going. We have the opportunity to buy a car, but that is going to have to wait until tax return. I just have to keep praying that God will either 1. Keep his hand over our car or 2. Provide something if the car breaks down beyond repair before February.

So keep us in your prayers on that

So thankful thought?: I am thankful for the friends God has placed in our lives! Even though they probably aren't what most people consider normal friends, they are always there when we need them!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Day six!

So I got back from our walk in our lovely Northwest Rain and realized I forgot to do my blog!

Anywho. Today was my long day working with a sweet if not cantankerous old man who is a quadriplegic. He was a horseman (and has some GORGEOUS old saddles in his basement by the way). It just makes me be thankful everyday for my body. That everything still works in a relatively normal matter and that im healthy. Doing my job makes you be thankful for waking up every morning and being able to do things like the dishes, the laundry, make my bed, and pick up my kids! 

So yeah thats my thankful thought of the day!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day Five

This is going to be short... really short but I have made a commitment and I am going to stick to it!

Todays thankful thought: I'm thankful that God provided a job for me that I enjoy and that works with my schedule! I am so blessed in that fact!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day Four

Wow it didnt take long for a day to come along where I would struggle to be thankful.

Lets start with the thankful...I am thankful for the opportunities that have been given to me.

What happened is the lady that I work for had a horse that I did all the ground work on. I spent 3 months on him as he was distrusting and spooky. I got him to the point I could throw anything at him and he was ready to ride. Then Cook broke her arm and the training was put on hold.

She has a buyer coming to get him tonight and so started riding him a week ago. She has about 4 rides on him and I was listening to her talk and she was telling the other boarder about how much ground work SHE did on him. Besides the fact that the ONLY reason he is selling is because of the ads I have placed online and maintained.

I guess I dont like someone else claiming my work as their own.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day Three

Woo Hoo Im getting this one done early today!

Yesterday I got to spend a few hours of with my sister. She got to come to Celinas new preschool and play with her while dad and I got paperwork done. Then I took her to cooks and went riding. I think she enjoyed it. We have both been so busy lately we havent had much time to spend together.

We took some pictures

My thankful thought for the day:

I thank God for my sister. Even though at times we drive each other nuts :) We are learning to accept each others differences and see each other more as friends then as siblings.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Hmm almost forgot to blog lol Day Two

My thankful thought for today

I thank God for my husband. He is such an amazing man of God. He is there for me at every turn... daily I am reminded that God blessed me with my perfect match, even though I don't deserve him!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

One month challenge for myself

Ok here is my one month challenge (that may turn into more) for myself. I going to do the following:

Blog EVERY day (we all know how hard that is for me lol)
And on that Blog I going to post a minimum of ONE thing that God has done for me or one thing I thank God for.

I am hoping that maybe it will get me into the thought of even on bad days of remembering to thank God for even the little things in life.

So heres day one:
I thank God for his Provisions. Even when it seems like nothing will work out God always provides!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Preschool! and other opportunities

So we found out last week that Celina did get into preschool. Monday we go to the orientation and then she starts on Wednesday. The good news is Celina's bus driver is a sweet lady that attends our church. I think it will be good for her and an excited that she will be able to have time with kids her own age (and a break from her brothers hehehe)

And today after Jake for off work we went to the Plaza Jalisco for a going away dinner for one of Jakes co-workers and Jakes "boss " brought up the idea of me volunteering on Mon-Thurs inbetween when I get off and when Jake gets off. It may only be an hour or two, but maybe I can start to get to know more people in the area :)

ON TOP of that because Jakes co-worker that is leaving is a fellow para-educator, that means they need to hire a new one... which means.... Jake is no longer the bottom of the totem pole!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I have been TAGGED

My cousin Sierra at The Tervo Times tagged me! Heres what you do.. answer 8 questions and then Tag 8 people so they can answer the questions

1. If you could have any superpower, what would you have? Why?
hmm...there are so many. Super Speed. Do you know how many times I would LOVE to be able to clean the house in .5 seconds?

2. Who is your style icon?
Style Icon? I dont think I have EVER had one of those. I tend to go western riding style as my favorite outfit is Jeans, my riding boots, a sweatshirt, and a hat. I still need to get a belt lol.

3. What is your favorite quote?
I have quite a few of them. But heres a couple
"My biggest fear is that there is no PMS and this is my real personality"
"If wishes were horses little girls would ride"
"Being a mom is the largest UNDERPAID job in the world" (I love my kids and think I get paid enough, but you know what I mean)
" A bad horse can be a good color, but a good horse can be a bad color"

4. What is the best compliment you've ever received?
I love it when people tell me that my kids are well behaved and polite. But I think lately its been people commenting on my weight loss. It feels good to have someone else Affirm that you ARE looking better.

5. What playlist/cd is in your CD player/iPod right now?
I normally listen to the radio but I have a mix of christian and country (with a dash of Veggie Tales hehe) on my MP4 player

6. Are you a night owl or a morning person?
night owl... even though Im being forced to be a morning person (ugh 630 am is STILL not my friend). I used to stay up to 1130, midnight every night.... but not anymore. Im usually in bed by 9 now. But Im still a night owl

7. Do you prefer dogs or cats?

lol... no seriously dogs. Auzie and Dixie are amazing. I can stand cats as barn cats, but not indoors.

8. What is the meaning behind your blog name?
Um my last name is thelander... and Thelandology just seemed to fit.

Now I have to tag some people:

1. Sarah at Mymommyology
2. Marita at MariLaVell
 (ok i only have three that I follow and know... im lame lol

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Play Day and etc....

So Celina and the boys rode in the Mount adams trail riders Club. They had 5 different events. The kids rode Nikka who is a 10 year old POA.
These are the following events and how they did:
Barrels: Celina got 2nd, Afton 4th and Anthony got a participant ribbon
Flag Race: The boys didnt compete after barrels, Celina got particpant
Figure 8: Celina got Participant
Key Hole: Third
Poles: Fourth

Not bad for her first "barrel show!"

It was fun and I think the kids enjoyed it! It was specifically for kids 12 and under. So it worked out great!

Oh and just some updates on other things:
My doctor checked my Vitamin D again and WITH being on 50,000 IU weekly and 600 IU daily of Vitamin D my levels are FINALLY normal! But I have to continue with the regimen.

We still havent heard if Celina got into pre-school. They said we will find out after the 1st... grr for waiting.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Havent updated in a LONG time

So my Birthday was two weekends ago. Woo hoo another year older another year wiser right? Ugh sometimes I dont feel like it

Frankly a lot of times I dont feel like it. I struggle with the responsibilities of life and the fact that I feel like I am being pulled a million different directions.

That and lately I have really been struggling with Church. I love worship, but frankly the sermon bores me to tears. Its not for lack of trying. I try to sit still and listen. I try to be good (honestly Ive sat on my hands a time or two) but I always end up either searching through the hymnal, people watching, playing games on my phone or reading the Pentecostal Evangel.  If the pastor stays on track and makes valid points, I can normally stay on track. But if the pastor starts going into left field, changing subjects multiple times, or making 20 different "and in conclusion" messages (because you know every time a lot of pastors say that its the start of another mini message) im lost. Looking at the ceiling, chasing reflections, or what have you. I also feel at times that church is very much about the "tradition" of things and the only reason I am there is because it is what I am "supposed" to do. But my question is.... I dont remember reading in the bible that part of following Christ is standing when told, sitting when told, singing songs,  listening to a 45 minute to an hour long sermon, shaking a few hands, saying hi to a few "friends" and then leaving. Where is the fellowship in that? Where is the joy in that. I feel God very strongly in church, but you want to know where I feel him the strongest? Can you guess? On the back of a horse miles from no where with some good Christian horse friends or even by myself. That is where I feel closest to him, where I feel refreshed.

I get to the point I feel like church is a big fashion show. Everyone shows up because they are supposed to, does what they are supposed to and then they go home to live their lives. A lot of people dont even TALK to those that they attend church with outside of the pew. Why is that? Do we just not know how to be friends with those that are in church with us? Or is it because we are afraid they either 1. will actually hold us to our Christian values or 2. Not live up to them?

Or maybe its because the people we sit next to in Church have NOTHING in common with us besides living in the same general area and attending the same church. I know for a fact that I start talking about my passion, I usually get the complete blank look OR they find a way to end the conversation. And honestly I dont blame them. If im not interested in their passion its hard to form a good friendship. Normally you form friendships with those that enjoy the same passion (aka hobby to some) as you.

I know my problem tends to be this. I HATE sitting around gossiping, I hate teas, I hate dressing up (if you get me in Jeans and heals your lucky), I hate the normal "lets sit around sipping Latte's and gossip......... eh hem... talking. I dont like spending perfectly good days inside talking about the next baking contest.

I dont like going to things like women's conference. Honestly Ive noticed it turns into a good time for the women to complain about their husbands and kids and their lives in general. And these conference are focused on the stereotype of women. The one described above.

Id rather go look at hot rods (i REALLY like pretty cars), go mudding, go hiking, ride horses at a dead run down the beach, ride a harley and get dirty. The only other people I have found like that are 1. fellow horse people or 2. men. And for some reason I dont think I'd be welcome at mens conference. (hmmm... I did pull off the whole looking like a guy thing for halloween one year hehehe)

Ugh I dont know. I would love to do a small group church. We do a bible study and some worship and then we do a bbq and go for a trail ride. Enjoy God's creation.

Sigh.. I dont know... I have been thinking a lot. And this is just what has come to mind. I know a lot of people would and will get offended at the above. And who knows maybe im just a bad Christian because I dont like feeling like church is a chore. But I think too many people are forced into it, when honestly "fellowshipping with other believers" and learning more about scripture can be done in a way that is different then it is done now.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


We went up to Paradise, WA up on Mt Rainier. It was AMAZING! So just so you can see here are some photos....

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Realization yesterday!

For those that dont know I have an Anxiety issue. I over stress about EVERYTHING and it became a huge problem for me last year...

I was to the point I couldn't function. I couldn't go out into public, couldn't talk to people and didn't want to get out of bed. So the doctor started me on anti-anxiety medication. WOW what a difference

Well a little after we moved into out house I stopped the everyday meds and just kept the as needed ones. Pretty much when I start feeling like im going to have a panic attack I can take one (or on days/situations I can take one).

Well I have been having issues lately riding horses. I get all tied up a nervous and with these Paso's it transfers right to them.

So yesterday I was going to go on a trailride. The orginal horse I was going to ride went into heat and wasnt going to be able to ride in the trailer with a gelding and another mare. So cook called and asked if I wanted to ride Al.

Now to back track me and Al have a love hate relationship. Hes a LOT arrogant and can be prone to temper tantrums. and I tend to get nervous on him.

So this time I had a brillant thought and decided to take an one of my "happy pills" It was amazing. It was the best ride I have had on him. I was able to think things through and keep my self calm. And since I was keeping my adrenaline down, HIS adrenaline stayed down and we had an enjoyable ride.

And just a quick note to Christians. Having to take medications for depression/anxiety is NOT a weakness and DOES NOT mean you arent relying on God. Yes you should still pray to God about your problem. But sometimes his solution is giving you a doctor that can give you medication to help. As my cousin said."If you can take medication for your heart (or whatever else) why cant I take medication for my brain?"

Friday, June 18, 2010

Need to find a more interesting title then "update"

So insurance: What ended up happening we dont have to pay insurance for until August AND are getting a $25 return. So their mistake ended up costing them almost $300.
Also found out when we renew our contract we will BOTH have a three year clean driving record. So that means a lower rate.

Also with insurance. I am going to buy Broad From Named Operator insurance. AKA I am covered on ANY vehicle I drive. That way I can drive my "employers" car whenever needed and not have to worry.

Now to family updates:

We have started potty training the boys. AKA letting them run around in the evenings with no diapers on and just starting to let them realize when things are happening. They like to sit on the potty for .5 seconds ever few minutes but we have the whole summer. Not in a hurry on that one.

We are still waiting to hear if Celina got into preschool. But we probably wont know until August OR later. So we are waiting.....

My job. I am really enjoying it. I am half way done with my certification. I have two classes left and I am done. The good news is I am getting paid $10 an hour to be there. Then as soon as I am done I will put my name into the referral registry so I can find at least one more client/employer

Jakes Job: He is so happy to have three months off where he doesnt have to worry about where our bills are going to come from. He has gotten an assurance of a job AND will be getting a small raise next year.

All in all... God is providing for our family in ways we could have never imagined.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Insurance mistake

So today I was bored and decided to kind of browse through my car insurance policy. I clicked on "driving record" Mine looked fine, but Jakes had TWO accidents. One "non at fault" accident on 11-30-2008 and One "at fault" accident on 12-14-2008 (which was reported by the MVR).

Well either we had an at fault accident that we didnt know about or there was a mistake. The mistake being that BOTH accidents were actually the SAME accident and it was Non-at fault (anyone remember that Ice/Snow storm in the end of 08/beginning of 09?)

At first I was freaking out trying to figure out how to get the at fault accident changed to a non at fault on our MVR. I decided that progressive would probably know so I tried them first

So I called progressive and explained the situation. The lady on the phone told me that for one I didnt have to call the MVR. Alls that reports is that there is an accident. The insurance company assumes it is at-fault until it is told differently. She said she wasnt sure why the computer hadnt caught that they were probably the same accident (I didnt remember the exact date of the accident just that it was somewhere around nov/dec). So we had been being charged for an At-fault accident since we signed up for the policy a year ago.

So she at first needed me to explain the accident so that she could document "why" it was non-at fault. Then once she did she said that we would be getting a refund for the entire time we had the policy for what we were overcharged. For the past year we will get a electronic funds transfer. For the current policy we will get a credit added to our account. Then the rest of the policy we will be getting a newer rate.

And then the other good news. When it comes time to renew, we will not only be getting a newer rate but my ticket will come off (so a three year clean driving record) and Jakes non-at fault is 0 points so he will have one too! So thats means a discount.

Alls I can say is thankyou God!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sun? What sun? i dont think it exists anymore

Seriously. I am so TIRED of the rain... I know it makes everything lush and all, but I WANNA RIDE! Ugh
Its been cruddy.... Cookie and I have been trying to plan a ride all week! We tried Friday, Saturday, TODAY and we are going to try for tomorrow.... but its probably going to rain... again.

Ugh.... I know we live in the NorthWET but seriously. Its practically june and we havent had more then one week of sunshine in a row. I wanna be able to take the kids outside and play, go for walks and go for trail rides and start working horses.

Ok my rant is over....................

For now

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

up up up up DAAAAATTTEEE

hehehe... Im quite proud of myself for the title in case your wondering.

Anyways. So far my new job is going well. I am definitely liking making $10.03 an hour. And so far things are pretty relaxed and going well. Its mainly been running around town and getting errands done for her. Tomorrow is mainly going to be me cleaning house.

All three of the kids have pink eye now. At different stages. Want to know what it looks like the first day? Check out Anthony. The 2nd day? Celina.... coming out of it? Afton. I am really praying that neither Jake or I catch it. Because that means missing work. Grrr... ohh well at least I got my new glasses in which means I WONT be blind... woo hoo!

I really like this pair. I think they look good on me and they have all the fancy smancy stuff on them (like SCOTCH GUARD lol)

So anyways in other news. Jake and I are trying to plan a Saturday to take Him, me and the dogs up to Multnomah falls. We are gonna have to find a babysitter to watch the kids ALL DAY (aka from REALLY early to REALLY late) But Jake and I need to go out and have some US time.

Well I think that is all for now...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Today was interesting to say the least....

Ugh So I decided that I didnt feel like being couped in the house ALL DAY today. So I feed the kids lunch and then load them into the big white gas guzzler. I run down to the post office (keep in mind it is SUNNY with clouds surrounding us) and then head to the church to let the dogs run and to let the kids play on the swing. When we get there the clouds are starting to move in but I figured I had a little time. I did have about 10 minutes.

Then I feel a few sprinkles so I decide to get the kids loaded up. Before I can get them all in it starts POURING! So I am running around trying to get all three kids and the dogs in the truck before we are all soaked :(

ugh fun

Monday, May 17, 2010

New job and New dog food

Ok so first:
I have a new job! I start monday. Heres how it came about:
Friday Jakes parents invited us over for a weenie roast. Well a couple that attends our church named Leta and Van were there as well. I was talking to Leta about how I was needing a job as the church wasn't going to be able to pay our rent any longer. We chatted for a little while and she asked me what experience I had. I told her a revised version of my job history. She told me the reason she brought it up was because she was in need of a caregiver. She qualified for 75 hours a month and the rate of pay was $10.03 an hour. I told her that sounded great and that I would give her a call tomorrow (sat)
Well Saturday on our way down to Cynden and David's wedding I got a call from her asking if I wanted to take her to her doctors appointment on Monday so I could get an idea of whats all wrong with her, and then go to her house and kind of get a feel for things and then get ahold of Kelly to get things rolling. I said sure that sounded good and I would be at her house by 10 am Monday morning
10 am rolls around and I take her to her appointment and run some errands with her, go out to lunch and just talk. She shows me around her house and everything. We get ahold of Kelly and she tells me that I will have to fill out a background check form, get that in and once it comes back then I will go to Centralia and get my contract paperwork done and then I can start.
Leta and I talk about it and realize that they have an office in Morton. So we drive down, the sign says closed but we go in anyways. The lady in there says that I can fill out a form there and then get it faxed in. I had all my ID with me so we went ahead and did it. I fill it out and she says it is going to take at minimum a week to get back.
That was at around 230. At a little after 4 I get a call from a lady at the Centralia office saying she had received my background check and had sent it in and had already gotten a clean report back. She said that she was amazed and that NEVER happens (PRAISE THE LORD).
She goes ahead and schedules my contract appointment for Friday at 230.
So once thats done I can start. I have 120 days to get my classes done which will be 32 hours and as I understood it the class is paid for AND I get paid for my time.

So on to the new dog food. Jake and I had decided to try making our own dog food. Auzie seems to have an issue with commercial dog food and im sorry I REFUSE to pay $50-$60 for a 20lb bag of dog food.
So Jake went and talked to the local butcher about maybe getting some scrap me. He says sure I have to pay to get rid of it so you can have it. So we went for it. Jake looked at it and what it is is meat that is too hard to get the good stuff out of.
Jake spent about 20 minutes getting the good meat off of it and we cooked it up with rice and carrots.
We mixed it with their dog food and they LOVED it. So saving $50 a month a dog food makes me happy :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Beautiful Sunny Day

Today is SUCH a beautiful day! I was able to take the kids out and let them play in the yard with the dogs for around an hour while I sat in the grass and read my book. I am so happy spring is here!

Mothers day we went Longview and spent the day with my mom. They treated us to some Chinese food and then we took the kids to the park and the kids got to play with Grandma and Grandpa until the rain clouds started to move in. In was so nice and relaxing.

Monday I went down to Morton and spent about 2 hours getting, filling out, and turning in applications. So keep in your prayers a job for me.

I do think its funny listening to the radio and hearing them talk about the flooding in the Tennessee area. The reason I think its funny is because here in the NorthWET we are having a relatively dry year. It has been nasty the past couple of weeks but there was never any threat of flooding. I just think its a funny thing.

So yeah anyways thats all for now!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Job Search

You know I love living in this area. Jake loves his job, and we love our house!

But there is a major downfall to living WAAAYYYY out here. Jobs are limited. I am searching for a job and having issues finding one. I know that God will provide and I am trying to make sure I am leaving my options open to let God work. God provided a job for Jake last year at the last possible moment. I am believing he will provide me one as well.

Keep us in your prayers!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Dentist Appointment and The Missing Nail

So the kids all had dentist appointments today. Celina was first. We went in and she sat on the chair (which she looked so tiny on) and they put the thing in her mouth to take x-rays. She sat really still and was really well behaved. The assistant came in a polished her teeth (which Celina liked the taste of). The doctor came in and looked in her mouth to check for cavities and said everything looked good. The assistant came back in to do a fluoride coat. Celina opened her mouth wide and said "YUMMY" She liked the taste of the fluoride as well. The assistant said that she has never had someone of any age say they liked it. 
Then the boys had their turn. Theres was just having the dentist check and make sure all their teeth where there and there were no cavities. They did the upside lap exam thing. They both tried biting the doctor lol

And then we came home tonight and realized that Aftons nail is 90% off. So Jake took the rest of it off. 

What happened was about a week or so ago they were over at Grandmas and all of a sudden Afton was screaming. Celina had shut his finger in the door of laundry room. After the initial melt down Afton didn't favor the finger or even the hand. Two days ago we realized that the finger nail was starting to come off and then today it was almost off. 

So yeah Mr. Afton is one nail short :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Aquire the Fire and others

We had an amazing weekend! There is nothing more amazing then seeing 5000+ teenage students praising and worshiping God.

The theme this weekend was Love and they covered three topics. Friendship Love, Sacrificial Love and Romantic Love and how all three of them should fit together. To have Romantic Love you have to first have Friendship Love AND Sacrificial Love. The worship was amazing and I think Jake and I were challenged just as much as the teenagers.

We were also challenged in the fact that we need to give EVERYTHING to God. Not just partially. That and the fact that we have to step outside of our comfort zone and do things that may not seem to be logical. That and we have to STOP being afraid of what MIGHT happen and let God have complete control. We need to stop being worried about the consequences or who we MIGHT offend if we change things. Especially in churches. If God is asking you to change something... CHANGE IT! He wouldn't ask us to do something if he wasn't going to bless it!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Boys 2 year check up

So that was kind of interesting. The boys appointment was at 3. Jake doesn't get home until 3:15. So I dropped Celina off at Grandmas, got the boys checked in and went back to the room. We got the boys weighed (they for  some reason are VERY hesitant to go back there anyways lol).

Jake ended up getting there before the doctor came in so that was good. He first checked their weights against the percentile (which last time Afton wasn't even ON the chart)

Afton weighed 25 lbs (15th percentile) and was 35 inches tall (60th Percentile)
Anthony weighed 26lbs (25th percentile) and was 34 1/2 inches tall (50th percentile)

So they have finally caught up the curve. Its only taken 2 years. That and developmentally wise they are only about a month behind (instead of 2 months or so that they were behind). The other thing is Afton is taller then Anthony! Anthony has been the bigger twin in height and weight since they were born. But Afton finally surpassed him in height.

I was just glad that the boys are healthy for their age and are looking good in the size department. The nice thing is NO doctors appointments for them until January unless they are sick... YAY! Well unless Celina gets accepted into headstart. Then we will have to go in and get her a school check up.

Next step is dentist appointments... ugh....

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday to my boys!

Wow I can't believe it has been 2 years already! It doesn't seem like that long.

They are growing up so fast! Im putting in pictures of them when they were born, at their first birthday party and from their 2nd birthday
Anthony in Blue, Afton in Yellow. They were only a few hours old here!
Afton and Anthony at home!
Heres their pictures from their first birthday party
And from their photo shoot
And here are pictures from this year!

Friday, April 16, 2010

So the pro's and con's of the new to us car AND..

Four doors
Running boards
Low enough to the ground
Wide enough so there is space between the three seats
Long trunk
High towing capacity
Low miles
great tread on tires

So in the pros I am glad that their is four doors. That is so much easier to get the kids into! The mixture of running boards and the fact that it is lower to the ground then our Montero was makes it so Celina can get in and out by herself and I can get the boys into the car without standing on tip toe. And also there is space inbetween the seats so the kids aren't fighting over arm space.
That and we didn't lose our towing capacity OR bed space. The bed is just inside the trunk

HORRIBLE gas mileage (10 mpg, no worse then the truck though)
Shifts rough in between 1st and 2nd (no grinding)
Its old
Made our car insurance go up :(

But hey it drives good and looks good compared to others its age

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Is it Friday yet?

Just wondering lol. Partly because this weekend is going to be busy. Tomorrow Jake gets off at 11:30 to run down to Puyallup to pick up the Krispy Kreme order. We have to take the suburban because for some reason I dont think 82 dozen donuts will fit in the back of our little 2 door escort lol. Then we have to make sure all the students get their orders.

Then saturday we are celebrating the boys 2nd birthday (their actual birthday isn't until the 20th). So family will be coming up and we will let the boys have their day :). I am hoping that my siblings Cristi and Gene (and his son Kristopher) will be able to make it.

Its funny I found this show on netflix called Horseland (I have heard of it). The kids like it, especially my little horse lover. But frankly it DRIVES ME NUTS. They get so many things MASSIVELY wrong. It does worry me that kids will try the things that this show uses. Especially since they act like its right. When its actually dangerous. But I guess that is me. I am miss critic, especially when it comes to horses lol.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sad Day for Christianity

I am sad and disappointed in the above articles. Ray Boltz and Jennifer Knapp have both come out as homosexuals.

And YES I am AGAINST homosexuality. Especially in those that claim to know Christ personally and to follow his word. I could list all the scriptures that flat out state that homosexuality is wrong. No if's and's or buts. Especially the part that states that they will make excuses for themselves and for those like them. 

We as Christians have to fight our fleshly desires daily. I know plenty that have to fight their desire to drink, or to cheat on their wives, or to do whatever. For those to say "God made me this way, so he wont condemn me" is like an alcoholic to say "God made me so that I like drinking and have an addicting personality, so he wont condemn me." You know I fight "fleshy" tendencies daily. I am working on losing weight because I believe gluttony is a sin. I resist the desire to eat when I am bored or angry. I force myself to work out, at the minimum 3 days a week. Its a hard battle, but I refuse to give up and say "well God made me this way"

To truly be following Christ is to give up all fleshly desires and to follow him. 

The joys of parenting

No and I mean that seriously. Yesterday while I was at the barn Jake (with his new camera) had a blast taking photos of the kids. Then after I came home and ate dinner we took them all outside and Jake had fun taking photos of the kids, the dogs and me. It was fun seeing those candid shots and the kids personality came through in the photos.

Jake was having fun messing with his camera and figuring it all out. The last DSLR he used was a Canon Digital Rebel. This is a Canon EOS 10D. Its a little nicer and has some different settings that he has to get used to. But it takes really nice photos! And has a nice automatic setting for me (Miss Camera illiterate) that I can play with the camera (when Jake doesnt have it lol)

I also took some photos (with my camera phone) of me and the filly (who is actually a mare now, she is almost 6). Mainly I just got to go out and mess with her yesterday. She was being spooky and jumpy so I decided lets do 5 minutes of ground work until she starts listening and then just spoil her. She didn't mind and it was good for me. Just being out and messing with a horse lifts my mood. I am excited that I have the freedom to come work with her whenever. And once the weather gets nice I cant wait until we can go out on trails. Especially once the filly and I are more confident with each other.

Ohh and check out my facebook for photos!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

So proud

You know it is so nice to get to see your spouse do something that they are passionate about. Jake had the opportunity to speak in the "adult" service (aka sunday morning service). He did an amazing job!

Sundays are always somewhat stressful as being part of the pastoral staff. ESPECIALLY in a small church. You show up and wonder how many will make it this week? Will offerings be good? Will worship work out good? Or will we struggle the entire service?

This week was good/bad... We had a lower attendance then usual but the spirit was moving. Worship was good (and hey my feet didnt hurt too bad) and then it moved seamlessly onto Jakes message. I think his message had the potential to step on a few toes, but they took it well and their were a lot of interaction from the congregation.

So change of subject:

We are heading out town (AGAIN) but this time to trade the truck for a suburban. Its a 1982 C20 Suburban. (which means its a 3/4 ton WOO HOO) It runs well and everything. I love our truck but its a single cab. This will mean when Jake leaves for work I will have a car that I can fit all the kids into! Im excited and the photo is of our truck!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday....At last

You know we all have those times of week that is our "Saturday". For some it is on Monday, others Thursday. Luckily for us our Saturday IS on saturday because Jake works for the school. The hard thing about it is we get one day off a week (off? Ok One day where we aren't required to be somewhere) Sundays are a work day for us. Normally Saturdays end up being work days as well. Not that we HAVE to be anywhere but there is a lot of things that dont get done the rest of the week that get done on Saturday. Like going out town.

Today is one of those "out town" days. We are selling the boys double bike trailer/stroller (woo hoo an extra $30!) and then we have to do our grocery shopping. So its load all the kids up in our car and make the hour+ drive into Puyallup.

The other thing today that is making it hard to leave is we order Jakes camera last week and the FedEx website says it is to be here TODAY (and alls this time I thought they DIDN'T do Saturday deliveries. Guess I was wrong.) So hopefully they read the note we leave on the door to leave the box in our garage.

Just for information we bought Jake a Canon EOS 10D DSLR camera. It was produced in 2003 and originally cost upwards of $1500. Alls I can say is Jake is excited. VERY excited. And I am happy for him. I am glad we were able to do this. Shooting pictures seems to relax him and he enjoys the challenge of it. See my stress relief is horses. I go to the barn for an hour and all is right with the world

Now I don't TECHNICALLY have a horse of my own. But I have one I am working with that is considered "my" horse. She is a Paso Fino mare whose registered name is Almost A Dancer. She has been ridden all over humanity but is still considered green broke. This breed of horse is considered a ONE PERSON horse. They have their person they listen too and that they trust and they perform best for that person. We are working on me becoming HER person. She is absolutely gorgeous and I cant wait till I get to take her out and really let her stretch her legs!

Well signing off here in Thelandology land!

Friday, April 9, 2010


Ahh I am going to get into the habit of blogging about the craziness that is our life. We have three young children. A three year old little diva and two year old twin tornadoes. We have two dogs, my husband is a youth pastor/para educator/dad/husband, and I am a house wife/homemaker/mom/assistant trainer. My husband and I probably don't fit the "normal" roles of a husband and wife. Like the fact that Jake loves to cook,can somehow manage to wipe a poopy butt with only one wipe (something I have FAILED to master) and is one that I NEVER worry about leaving home alone with the kids. Or the fact that I can handle cleaning a gelding's sheath without gagging but it took me almost 6 months to get past the smell of a poopy diaper (wait I still have issues with that at times)

Mainly this will be updates of our daily lives. But at others it may be me ranting, or posting ideas so you may have to put up with me. I hope you enjoy!