Monday, January 30, 2012


You know I really dont understand how some people can sit there and judge others repeatedly while at the same time making note that they don't like being judged and dont like being expected to be perfect. Can you say hypocritical?! If you don't want people to think your perfect and don't want to be judged, why don't YOU start by not judging others!!!!

I know its a rant but a certain someone I know has made their life by judging me. They deny fervently, but it happens over and over again. And then they go off on how they don't like to be judged.

Blows my mind.....

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

10 reasons why you should 4x4 on horse back

10 reasons why you should 4x4 on horse back

1. You wont EVER run out of gas. There is refueling stations every 3 feet (or less) on the trail
2. You wont ever high center, this 4x4 can JUMP with out a ramp
3. Mud bogging? As long as its below your horses belly go for it!
4. Water crossing arent normally a problem. Most horses can be convinced to cross, and when it gets too deep, SWIM!
5. We can go up trails other 4x4's cant as we have the ultimate traction
6. Rock crawler? No problem, and no special modifications needed!
7. Brush hogging? No problem. Horse will crash though anything and those hidden stumps wont flip you
8. Want to do cookies? You can do that too, with no danger of crashing (ok a little danger when your horse decides that snowball at the edge of the road is going to eat it)
9. Get tired of riding? You can get off and walk, and your little 4x4 will follow you!
10. Nothing is better than seeing wildlife out on the trail while your with your best buddies!