Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What did you get for Christmas?

One thing I noticed this year... im getting old.... I got 4 gifts I was REALLY excited about. One was from Meri. She got me a cantle bag! I am very excited about it and I LOVE it!

It was awesome because Meri was SO afraid I wouldnt like it... so to easy your fears again I am VERY happy!

Then I got a silverware set (I almost jumped for joy on that one)

3. A set of stainless Steel mixing bowls!

and 4. I got an 11 piece Cuisinart Stainless Steel cookware set! 

I was jumping for joy over the kitchen stuff... yes I am officially old 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Plans for holidays

This year it seems that Christmas kind of snuck up on us. Of course this week is going to draaaggg out now right? I spent the past few days baking. Lots of baking. I think Jake enjoys it because he gets to eat the ones that dont turn out!

So anyways Jake and I have already given each other our presents. Jake got a new electric razor (the norelco one) and he got some lingerie (he LOVED that part of his present). Jake gave me a treadmill. I am VERY happy with that. Poor guy wanted to get me horse stuff, but I am WAY to picky at times. I love my husband he tries so hard!

We waited until last night to wrap presents, and this morning the kids came out and about had a heart attack. They thought it was Christmas and it was time to open presents! The anticipation is going to kill them :)

So far our plans for Christmas eve are still up in the air, we have to wait and see what Jakes parents are planning. We invited them down, but there was some confusion between them and Melissa and Ryan on childcare :). Then we are driving down to longview and are spending the night with my parents. Christmas morning we get up and open presents from them and then head up to Grandpas for the BIG opening. Jake has to work at 3pm on Christmas but Im glad he has Christmas morning off (I think his boss was afraid they would lose him if they did make him work Christmas morning). 

The big news is Celina is getting a Guinea Pig for Christmas this year. It was between that and a pony but I wasnt able to find a pony that suited. I love the fact that I know enough that I CAN get her a pony and teach her how to correctly care for it and ride. But for now, its a Guinea Pig.

We are looking for a place that will handle more horses that is closer to Centralia as I am taking in training horses and right now our horses have to be down the road at a neighbors place as we cant have more than 3 horses here, and I have two in training. So yeah. I dont want to move from here as we have amazing neighbors and I love it. But we will see what God has in mind! Anyways love you all and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Friday, November 18, 2011


Yeah not a big blog today, but at around 9 last night it started snowing and we woke up to around 3" this morning. Im happy, I love the snow and I AM going riding in it... hubby is out riding mystic in the snow right now!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Rainy Days

As a lot of people know I am training Shakirah (my 6 year old Arabian mare) for her first endurance race with Kadra and her Arabian gelding Sebastian. Lately it hasn't been too bad weather wise, but the rain is coming, and coming quickly. Which means Kadra and I are going to soon look like pumpkins on the back of our horses. We did 9 miles on them two days ago, and after 9 miles, 25 doesn't seem like all that far lol. And I know Im a horse person. Wanting to spend that much time on the back of a horse sounds like a vacation to me! I am so excited. Of course I am working on getting the things I need to be able success fully do this, but I am working on it slowly... and I have my Christmas wish list written up lol!

I always wanted to do endurance, but I didnt want to do it alone and I didn't think I could get ahold of a horse that loved to go.... well we moved here a year ago and found Kadra AND Shakirah! She goes 9 miles and still wants to go with her ears up (and if we get to run a little she LOVES that).

Thankfully we live right down the road from active weyerhauser logging land. Also thankfully the loggers have NO problem with the horses, more often then not we get waves and smiles.We are careful and wear bright colors and are respectful of the truck drivers.

My ride is set for May 19th 2012 in Trout Lake WA so anyone who would like to come and support me and my best friend in our attempt at a long ride please do! We would love the support. (You can find information on their Facebook Page

Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans Day 11-11-11

Today is a day we step back and reflect on those that have served our country, and more often then we would like have lost their lives for this country.

I know plenty of people in the military, and am praying that all of them return home safe and healthy. This blog is to those that I know that have served and are serving in our armed forces. This is in no way a complete list, but I can give it a go!

Current Military:

Cassie Rogerson, Mike Fisher, Ryan Tervo, Scott Jones

Retired Miltary:

Doug Bell, Tim Fisher, Marvin Guisinger (Grandpa), Larry Glaze, Jered Guisinger, Dave Fraker, Taryn Fraker,  and many more!

So to all of those listed (and too all of those I forgot) THANKYOU!

Monday, November 7, 2011

A revelation

It has been an interesting week to say the least. Sunday I went to church for the first time in awhile. Besides the hectic nature of getting 3 kids ready, in the car, out of the car and into their classes by themselves, it was a good service.

To go back to why I had not attended in awhile is after we left the church in Randle I rebelled. I had been shoved into this "perfect pastors wife" persona. I was not allowed to put out there that there was anything wrong, if I had been hurt I couldn't bring it up and talk to the person about it, because I was supposed to be above it, I had no friends because no one really wanted to be around the pastors wife in case they did something "unholy" and I had more than one person that I should have been able to trust stab me in the back. I kind of got to the point of "why bother?" Everyone was hypocritical, no one was trustworthy, they were all there for their own selfish reasons and wanted nothing to do with actually helping others and being there for others.

So after we moved I went into a time of trying to find who I was. I tried alcohol for the first time, and *gasp* I LIKED it. I stopped caring about what everyone else thought of me and started dressing how I liked. I am a cowgirl at heart and like a little bling now and then. I found a friend that I can ride with and renewed my passion for competing in horses. And then I had more than one person tell me that they saw "the old Valerie" coming back. The smart alec who wasn't afraid to spout off her own opinions and tell people whats what. I also re-discovered that God had given ME a passion.

Wanna know where I am closest to God? On the back of  a horse. Training horses, being AROUND horses. I never feel him closer than in that situation. And you know what? Its not "Just a hobby" as certain people have put it. It is more than a hobby. It is using the gifts that God gave me.

So after a long talk over FB with a person that is going through some similar issues as me, I discovered that I needed to pray for God to change MY heart, and leave the rest up to him. I cant change other people, I can only change me. So Sunday morning I loaded everyone up and went to church. And for the first time I felt like I was there for ME. I wasnt there for anyone else. I wasnt there as the pastors wife, I wasnt there as someones kid, I wasnt there because I should be. I was there because I WANTED to be there. After a few almost crying fits, I finally felt compassion towards some people I hadnt felt compassion for in a long time. My heart started breaking for them, and for the first time I felt the bonds of bitterness start to break.

So I guess what it comes down to is your faith has to be your own. And how you live your faith is inbetween you and God. I personally feel there is nothing wrong with some alcohol now and then with some friends (the Bible warns against drinking in EXCESS, but not against drinking in itself). There is nothing wrong with going into a bar to get a burger (The Buck Snort in Morton has some of the BEST burgers and fries). And there is nothing wrong with being closest to God on the back of a horse. A horse and the countryside is part of his creation. You need to have a relationship with God to determine what is and is not ok. Religion puts a lot of rules on things, people put a lot of rules on things, but when it comes down to it whose opinion matters? Gods.

Book Review: Sunrise on the Battery

Sunrise on the Battery
I just finished Sunrise on the Battery by Beth Webb Hart. This book is about a couple that is living the life they have always dreamed. Social Status, wealth and privilege when during a run Mary Lynn hurts her leg, is prayed for and healed. She then finds her relationship with God she had forgot existed. She then begins praying for her husband and children to find God. Her husband Jackson does find God, but goes on the extreme by giving away tons of money, street witnessing and inviting poor and desperate people into their home. Its a question as to whether or not Mary Lynn and Jackson can make this new life work.

This book had a good basis to it, but was slow and hard to follow at times. The skipping from character to character made a hard read, and the story line was not very smooth. There were a few times I really did get into the story, but as soon as that happened, the author would switch characters. I think it did outline the two very different conversions (or re-dedications) that you see. The gradual and the immediate dramatic. The other thing I noticed was the ending was very brief and sudden. You finished the last page and kept looking for more. I think this book would have been an easier read if they focused on one maybe two characters at the most, the extra characters thrown in made the book confusing. I also think the ending should have been a little more drawn out with more information.

Disclosure: I received a complementary copy of Sunrise on the Battery from blogger program in exchange for a review and I was not required to give a positive review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Book Review: Lonestar Angel by Colleen Coble

Lonestar Angel

Lonestar Angel by Colleen Coble is a book about a couple that separated after their 6 week old daughter was abducted. After the kidnapper was killed in a car crash the couple assumed their daughter was dead. The book starts 5 years later, when the husband Clay receives a postcard with a picture of a group of 5 year olds at a camp for foster children. He contacts Eden (his wife) and they go on a journey to find their daughter, and in the process find each other.
I just finished this book and wow what a well written book. It was one of those few books that you weren't sure how the book was going to end. From not knowing who their daughter was going to be, to who the "bad guy" is, to if the young couple is going to get back together! I was enthralled and this book kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time! I would recommend anyone who loves romance or suspense books to read this book. It will keep you going and give you hope.

Disclosure: I received a complementary copy of Lonestar Angel from blogger program in exchange for a review and I was not required to give a positive review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Book Review: Close Enough To Hear God Breath; The great story of divine intimacy by Greg Paul

Close Enough to Hear God Breathe: The Great Story of Divine Intimacy

Close Enough to Hear God Breathe is a devotional type book. What an amazing book that even the newest believer can understand! It makes it clear that God wants what is best for us, HIS children! At times when it is hard to have time to stop and hear my own thoughts, much less what God wants this is the perfect book to realize that what he wants is the BEST for us! Greg Paul throws in his own personal stories and examples to make things seem more realistic and closer to our lives. At times when God feels a million miles away this book is a great way to feel close to our Daddy in heaven!

Disclosure: I received a complementary copy of Close Enough To Hear God Breathe from blogger program in exchange for a review and I was not required to give a positive review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Tired, stressed and anxiously awaiting......

For my next book!

Besides that here has what has been going on in our lives.....

Jake is no longer employed at Morton School Dist. He started at Starbucks in June and in August he got on at Arco as well.... The reason he stopped at the school and got on at Arco was to save on gas. With us having to drive both vehicles it just wasn't economical for him to drive clear to Morton and then turn around and drive back to Chehalis.

Then at the beginning of August my Friday consumer passed away. Then at the end of August my other consumer found another caregiver that she liked better and laid me off. So through some programs including BFET I am able to go back to school! So I am currently enrolled at Centralia College going for my LPN. Now the nursing program is EXTREMELY hard to get into so if all else fails I will have my CNA while I work on getting into the nursing program.

So right now our lives are pretty stressful with Jake working 65+ hours a week and me going to school full time (Im at school from 8 am to 10:50 plus an hour drive. Then I have my correspondence course that I do an hour a day plus homework from my other classes) So needless to say my house has been sadly neglected (because for some odd reason I normally decide to ride my horse or snuggle with the kids or Jake instead of cleaning my house lol)

Honestly there has been a lot of days so far these past two weeks that I have wanted to pull my hair out or just break down and cry because I am so worn out and stressed, but God opened this door for a reason and its going to be hard but it will be worth it!

So thats whats going on in our neck of the woods!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Book Review. The Wonder of Your Love by Beth Wiseman

I just finished reading the book The Wonder of Your Love by Beth Wiseman. In this book Katie Ann is a woman in her forties whose husband left her for another woman. After he passed away she is considered a widower. Her neighbors cousin, Eli visits Canaan for a wedding after his youngest daughter has married. I love books the center around the Amish and Beth Wiseman gives a good view of their life and how they are just as human as the rest of us. Too many writers tend to make the characters over religious without normal Human conflicts and emotions. Beth did a great job of developing the characters in the story and making them very realistic and easy for everyone to be able to relate to every character in the book. I especially liked that she through in Characters that were indirectly related to the story. It rounded out the story and made it that much more interesting. The ending was especially good as you weren't 100% sure how things were going to turn out. I definitely couldn't put this book down!
I received a complementary copy of The Wonder of Your Love from blogger program in exchange for a review and I was not required to give a positive review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New post,.... new A LOT

Ok everyone I am going to TRY and keep this blog going again! Its just been hard with no internet... But I will try!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Weight loss tips post 2 & 3

Sorry its been so long. I dont have access to the internet at home so its hard to post :)

These next two are smaller but just as important!

So anyways here is tip number 2 & 3

Do not eat after 6pm

Eating earlier in the day helps you to be able to burn some of those calories AND digest all of your food before you go to sleep. It is best to eat before 6pm (if you go to bed at a relatively normal time) if your a night owl make sure you give your self plenty of time after you eat before you go to bed

Water, water and more water!

 So many people don't realize how many of their calories they are DRINKING. An 8 oz glass of 2% milk is a 120 calories! And I know most of us dont stick to 8 oz :-). Also with that stay away from diet sodas. I know they do the big claim of ZERO calories. Which is great. But the sweetener in them is aspartame. Aspartame not only can cause cancer but it also contributes to belly fat.

The more water you drink the fuller you'll feel. If your hungry go drink a glass of water. A lot of the time it will help you fulfill the hungry feeling.

Now that doesnt mean you cant drink anything. I enjoy my daily can of soda. BUT while I was dieting I didnt drink Soda daily. I drank maybe 2 a week at the most. I only drank milk in my cereal (but I take vitamin supplements to balance out what I cut out). If I was thirsty I drank water and plenty of it!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weight loss tips day 1

So I have kind of decided to post a few weight loss tips. Now I am in NO WAY a proffesional or an expert on this subject but I have had a lot of people ask me how I lost all my weight (195 lbs to my current weight of 125lbs) So everytime I post I will post ONE tip I learned.

Now before you ask I did no special diet (weight watchers, atkins, south beach etc..... ) I know a lot of people have had a lot of success with these. Honestly I think a lot of them are gimmicks. The basis of ANY weight loss is calorie intake verse caloric burn. You burn more then you eat you lose weight. (I know its more complicated then that and I know there are "specifics" im going off of my journey.

Tip One: Go to your Doctor

Now most of you are looking at me like huh? Doctor? WHY? I HATE THE DOCTOR!!!!!

Now take a deep breath a listen. I discovered a large part of my weight problem was a hormonal inbalance. I got on Birth Control pills and it not only regulated my menstrual cycle but it jump started my weight loss. Also you need to make sure that you don't have any conditions that can cause unexplained weight gain (hypothyroidism, cushings, etc....)

Also have all of your vitamin levels checked. I was massively Vitamin D deficent. A Vitamin D deficency can cause muscle soreness and fatigue (among other things) so Being on Vitamin D can help bring up your energy level (which makes it easier to exercise). Make sure you are taking calcium as well (if you are a woman)

So again GO TO YOUR DOCTOR and have everything checked. You'll be glad you did and it can help immensly in the long run

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Longer days and a few more updates :)

So we have a TON of snow right now.... we had 16" day before yesterday and had fun digging our horses out

Monday we didn't even bother letting them out... too cold and we had to fix fences

Yesterday there was a 2 hr late start and my boss told me to wait and come in late... so we spent an hour outside. We had bought 650ft of new fencing for CW's run.... well with all the snow it had stretched out and was almost touching the ground. So our day started with first digging a path for the stall doors to open out into their run. With all the snow PLUS all the fall off from the roof there was a 4ft pile of snow outside their doors. So after Jake dug that out while I fed and re-blanketed Shakira we tightened all the fencing....

This ISNT including the day before running into town to pick up bedding and then getting stuck going up the hill to the barn in our 4x4. THEN we had to dig a trench from the truck to the barn to haul up the bedding wheel barrow (dont feel too bad the bedding was in bags) and then dig another trench THROUGH Shakiras run from the barn to where we dump the dirty bedding....

All that and the snow was too deep to ride :(

BUT I did get to ride last week and here are some pics!

And this is my new saddle! A billy cook barrel saddle. I have been wanting one of these for YEARS! My hubby bought it for me.... ok I picked it out but still ..... :)

And this is the new truck! Nice isnt it!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wow been a long time...

Guess thats what happens when we don't have internet. So just real quick before I make lunch and get back to cleaning...

We are fully moved into our house and LOVE IT!
We bought a 1993 Buick Park Avenue and Sold the escort
Our suburban broke down on us
We bough a 2000 Chevy Silverado 2500 with Tax Return, which is currently in the shop having the mechanic go over it completely and fix some things
We are selling our suburban
I brought my new horse home! Shakira is a 6 year old Quarab. Giving her a few days to settle in then ill get pictures

The kids are getting big and man when they all get talking, you cant hear yourself think lol

Anyways thats all for now. Gotta go!