Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hiho Hiho its back to school I go!

Well after much deliberation , prayer, conversation and God opening doors I have gone back to school. I finished a year of schooling, including summer, about 2 years ago at Centralia College. I have 5 classes left to enter the nursing program. So here I go. I started on monday and am taking English 102, Biology 160 and Nutrition 101. All are fairly hard classes, but I am looking forward to the work and getting one step closer to finishing my nursing degree. The last classes I have left will be Microbiology, Anatomy and Physiology 1 and 2. Add in a few classes that are more to completing my Associates and I have a full 2 and a half years ahead of me.
I am no longer working full time and now work extremely part time, IE every other saturday and maybe one weekday a week if Jakes and I schedule allows for it.

The kids are doing awesome. Celina had an amazing Christmas and Birthday (can you believe she is EIGHT this year?!?!!)  with getting both her very own horse and her very own saddle! The boys had a great Christmas too getting a Piano, a Guitar and a TON of hot wheel tracks.

My in-laws spent Christmas here and then took the kids December 26th to their house. New Years Eve was my last day of work so after I was off we headed down to Onalaska. I spent New Years Eve with Kadra. New Years Day I picked up Celinas new saddle and then Jake and I grabbed the kids and headed for Longview. We kind of spent Friday and Saturday relaxing. I did get to go spend a few hours with Lacy (weve been friends for over 22 years... how has it been that long?) Friday night catching up. Sunday we headed to church with My parents and then to family birthday dinner.

It was a nice trip but I feel like we are still trying to unpack and unwind from it.... ugh.

Hope 2015 finds you all well!