Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas time again!

Well here we are..... a grand 11 days till Christmas! 95% of my christmas shopping is done (I know shocking for those who know me). We have passed our 1 year mark in this house and I really like this house as much as I did when we moved in. And I have decided to go back to school to finish my nursing degree. I have one year down and only 2 1/2 to go. So back to school I go. I have to give my notice at work either tomorrow or tuesday requesting to move to VERY part time. Its scary to think about giving up my job but I cant work full time and go to work full time and be able to give either 110% without killing myself. So more big changes coming thats for sure!

Celina galloped for the first time yesterday. Made me realize that she is definitely ready for her own horse. Good thing thats already in the works. I also have to find it in the budget to get her her own barrel saddle. Ugh money money money is what it seems like.

Little does she know she's getting him for Christmas!

Jake and I are slowly getting more and more organized in our home life. I realize more and more how much older I feel compared to others I know that are my age. Especially ones that don't have families. Most of my friends are in their mid thirties instead of mid to late (ok heading more to late) twenties.

I hope you all have a merry christmas!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween is come and gone and thanksgiving is on the way......

This last year and 2 months has been crazy to say the least. We have had a lot of heartache, a LOT of stress, and so many difficulties at times it felt like I was joking when I would talk to people about it. But a lot of good has come out of it and in the end I thank God everyday for the difficulties that we went through. Ill lay out what I am thankful for:

My Marriage:
This last year tried and tested our marriage multiple times, and in more ways then I care to put online. And there were times I wasn't sure if our marriage would make it. But through it all, and with a LOT of God's help, we made it to the other side. Our marriage is stronger, our communication is better (still not perfect but it is better) and I feel like we can now use this to help other couples. The devil will not only try your marriage by attacking your finances, but will show you every hole in your marriage nad make you doubt yourself on your choice! And you know what its ok to question things. It makes you realize what you need to FIX.

 After almost 9 years of marriage (has it really been that long?!?!?!) we are way past the honeymoon phase, but have definitely learned that you have to WORK on your marriage and it is HARD a LOT of the time. But the results are totally worth it!

My Kids
The last year has put a renewed focus on my kids. Coming to realize that you are so busy that you don't even get to see your kids is a hard place to come to. For almost 4 months I worked swing shift. I was gone from 2pm till 12am monday-friday. I didn't realize the impact of it until the beginning of this year. I realized I didn't remember a lot of the kids school year. I missed SO MUCH in that time I was working. Now I work at a job thats during the school day and I am home to get the kids off the bus. It is so much better.

Our Finances
Ugh with so many ups and downs in our finances through our marriage I finally feel like we are on track. We are in the middle of Dave Ramseys Financial Peace University and I think EVERY couple should take this course at least once. It is helping us realize the ways in which we needed to change, but also helped us realize the things we were doing right!

For example: We switched to an all cash budget 3 years ago and realized the debt trap we were entering and stopped it. Now we do have to get caught up and actually, you know, budget (hehe) but we were heading in the right direction.

The other thing is that we are finally Tithing regularly. We came to realize that when we tithed we always have more than when we don't. When we tithe God opens up opportunities that are weird and out of the blue! We are also regularly putting money into savings. Its not much as of yet, only about $100 a month, but that adds up. I cant wait to see where that goes in the next few years.

Our Future
I finally feel like we have one. For so long I have just felt like we are hanging on by a thread, just barely treading water, but now? I feel like we are afloat and heading in the right direction!

Now do I now that trials are still going to come our way? YES! But now more than ever I am willing to throw my hands in the air and say "God please take it! I cant do this on my own!!!" He is the one in the drivers seat, I do my part by being faithful with what He has given us, and He will do the rest!

Please be praying for us though... there are a lot of doors that have been cracked open and we are sitting here waiting to see which one God opens. If He opens it, then who am I to close it?

Monday, September 8, 2014

New horse with new opportunities

About 3 months ago I was given a BEAUTIFUL paint mare. Registered Juan Last Scotch barn name :Piper

She is an amazing horse but I have never been challenged so much in riding a horse. Its good she is forcing me to ride with extremely light hands and work off my seat. I feel honored to be riding a horse with SO much talent and potential. As soon as we do our first barrel run you can believe it will be on here!

Sunday, March 2, 2014


Lots of changes in the last 2 years. Lots and lots of changes. I guess first off is to state that we no longer live in Western Washington. We moved to Walla Walla WA in September of 2013 and then relocated to Touchet, WA in Decemeber due to some technical issues with the house we were renting. Long story short is the following:

In the summer of 2012 I started training horses out of a Barn in Rochester, WA. In November we moved in as the live-in Barn managers. We trained horses and such there for a bit. In August of 2013 we were offered the opportunity to run our own boarding facility in Walla Walla so we packed our stuff and moved September 1st 2013. The business didnt pan out due to the house that was apart of the deal was never supposed to be lived in *sigh* so through some Miraculous happenings through our new church and through God we found our current house in Touchet, WA

As much as we have been through I'll say God's hand was in all of it. In the last 2 years Jake and I have struggled to find a church home, and we found it here in Walla Walla. The funny thing is we knew the Lead pastors in Centralia. We have become locked in to this church and will become members at the end of the month. I am helping in the Childrens Ministry with Music and Drama as well as assisting in teaching. I have found some amazing people here!

Our housing situation was God through and through. I had put Loki, my 8 year old AQHA gelding up for care lease and had a couple come try him out and decide to lease him. As it turns out they had a 3 bed 2 bath rental on their property, but someone had just leased it 2 months prior to everything crashing down around us. As we were looking for somewhere to rent they called and said the renter had asked to get out of her lease early. We jumped on board. Its an amazing opportunity and works out. They are continuing to lease Loki for the mean time and I am helping get their certification for PATH (therapeutic Riding), and Jake and I are training 2 of their horses.

The kids are getting big. Celina is 7 and in first grade and the boys are 5 and in kindergarten.

Its been a long ride but I am glad we are here... will try to update more!