Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sun? What sun? i dont think it exists anymore

Seriously. I am so TIRED of the rain... I know it makes everything lush and all, but I WANNA RIDE! Ugh
Its been cruddy.... Cookie and I have been trying to plan a ride all week! We tried Friday, Saturday, TODAY and we are going to try for tomorrow.... but its probably going to rain... again.

Ugh.... I know we live in the NorthWET but seriously. Its practically june and we havent had more then one week of sunshine in a row. I wanna be able to take the kids outside and play, go for walks and go for trail rides and start working horses.

Ok my rant is over....................

For now

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

up up up up DAAAAATTTEEE

hehehe... Im quite proud of myself for the title in case your wondering.

Anyways. So far my new job is going well. I am definitely liking making $10.03 an hour. And so far things are pretty relaxed and going well. Its mainly been running around town and getting errands done for her. Tomorrow is mainly going to be me cleaning house.

All three of the kids have pink eye now. At different stages. Want to know what it looks like the first day? Check out Anthony. The 2nd day? Celina.... coming out of it? Afton. I am really praying that neither Jake or I catch it. Because that means missing work. Grrr... ohh well at least I got my new glasses in which means I WONT be blind... woo hoo!

I really like this pair. I think they look good on me and they have all the fancy smancy stuff on them (like SCOTCH GUARD lol)

So anyways in other news. Jake and I are trying to plan a Saturday to take Him, me and the dogs up to Multnomah falls. We are gonna have to find a babysitter to watch the kids ALL DAY (aka from REALLY early to REALLY late) But Jake and I need to go out and have some US time.

Well I think that is all for now...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Today was interesting to say the least....

Ugh So I decided that I didnt feel like being couped in the house ALL DAY today. So I feed the kids lunch and then load them into the big white gas guzzler. I run down to the post office (keep in mind it is SUNNY with clouds surrounding us) and then head to the church to let the dogs run and to let the kids play on the swing. When we get there the clouds are starting to move in but I figured I had a little time. I did have about 10 minutes.

Then I feel a few sprinkles so I decide to get the kids loaded up. Before I can get them all in it starts POURING! So I am running around trying to get all three kids and the dogs in the truck before we are all soaked :(

ugh fun

Monday, May 17, 2010

New job and New dog food

Ok so first:
I have a new job! I start monday. Heres how it came about:
Friday Jakes parents invited us over for a weenie roast. Well a couple that attends our church named Leta and Van were there as well. I was talking to Leta about how I was needing a job as the church wasn't going to be able to pay our rent any longer. We chatted for a little while and she asked me what experience I had. I told her a revised version of my job history. She told me the reason she brought it up was because she was in need of a caregiver. She qualified for 75 hours a month and the rate of pay was $10.03 an hour. I told her that sounded great and that I would give her a call tomorrow (sat)
Well Saturday on our way down to Cynden and David's wedding I got a call from her asking if I wanted to take her to her doctors appointment on Monday so I could get an idea of whats all wrong with her, and then go to her house and kind of get a feel for things and then get ahold of Kelly to get things rolling. I said sure that sounded good and I would be at her house by 10 am Monday morning
10 am rolls around and I take her to her appointment and run some errands with her, go out to lunch and just talk. She shows me around her house and everything. We get ahold of Kelly and she tells me that I will have to fill out a background check form, get that in and once it comes back then I will go to Centralia and get my contract paperwork done and then I can start.
Leta and I talk about it and realize that they have an office in Morton. So we drive down, the sign says closed but we go in anyways. The lady in there says that I can fill out a form there and then get it faxed in. I had all my ID with me so we went ahead and did it. I fill it out and she says it is going to take at minimum a week to get back.
That was at around 230. At a little after 4 I get a call from a lady at the Centralia office saying she had received my background check and had sent it in and had already gotten a clean report back. She said that she was amazed and that NEVER happens (PRAISE THE LORD).
She goes ahead and schedules my contract appointment for Friday at 230.
So once thats done I can start. I have 120 days to get my classes done which will be 32 hours and as I understood it the class is paid for AND I get paid for my time.

So on to the new dog food. Jake and I had decided to try making our own dog food. Auzie seems to have an issue with commercial dog food and im sorry I REFUSE to pay $50-$60 for a 20lb bag of dog food.
So Jake went and talked to the local butcher about maybe getting some scrap me. He says sure I have to pay to get rid of it so you can have it. So we went for it. Jake looked at it and what it is is meat that is too hard to get the good stuff out of.
Jake spent about 20 minutes getting the good meat off of it and we cooked it up with rice and carrots.
We mixed it with their dog food and they LOVED it. So saving $50 a month a dog food makes me happy :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Beautiful Sunny Day

Today is SUCH a beautiful day! I was able to take the kids out and let them play in the yard with the dogs for around an hour while I sat in the grass and read my book. I am so happy spring is here!

Mothers day we went Longview and spent the day with my mom. They treated us to some Chinese food and then we took the kids to the park and the kids got to play with Grandma and Grandpa until the rain clouds started to move in. In was so nice and relaxing.

Monday I went down to Morton and spent about 2 hours getting, filling out, and turning in applications. So keep in your prayers a job for me.

I do think its funny listening to the radio and hearing them talk about the flooding in the Tennessee area. The reason I think its funny is because here in the NorthWET we are having a relatively dry year. It has been nasty the past couple of weeks but there was never any threat of flooding. I just think its a funny thing.

So yeah anyways thats all for now!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Job Search

You know I love living in this area. Jake loves his job, and we love our house!

But there is a major downfall to living WAAAYYYY out here. Jobs are limited. I am searching for a job and having issues finding one. I know that God will provide and I am trying to make sure I am leaving my options open to let God work. God provided a job for Jake last year at the last possible moment. I am believing he will provide me one as well.

Keep us in your prayers!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Dentist Appointment and The Missing Nail

So the kids all had dentist appointments today. Celina was first. We went in and she sat on the chair (which she looked so tiny on) and they put the thing in her mouth to take x-rays. She sat really still and was really well behaved. The assistant came in a polished her teeth (which Celina liked the taste of). The doctor came in and looked in her mouth to check for cavities and said everything looked good. The assistant came back in to do a fluoride coat. Celina opened her mouth wide and said "YUMMY" She liked the taste of the fluoride as well. The assistant said that she has never had someone of any age say they liked it. 
Then the boys had their turn. Theres was just having the dentist check and make sure all their teeth where there and there were no cavities. They did the upside lap exam thing. They both tried biting the doctor lol

And then we came home tonight and realized that Aftons nail is 90% off. So Jake took the rest of it off. 

What happened was about a week or so ago they were over at Grandmas and all of a sudden Afton was screaming. Celina had shut his finger in the door of laundry room. After the initial melt down Afton didn't favor the finger or even the hand. Two days ago we realized that the finger nail was starting to come off and then today it was almost off. 

So yeah Mr. Afton is one nail short :)