Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas time again!

Well here we are..... a grand 11 days till Christmas! 95% of my christmas shopping is done (I know shocking for those who know me). We have passed our 1 year mark in this house and I really like this house as much as I did when we moved in. And I have decided to go back to school to finish my nursing degree. I have one year down and only 2 1/2 to go. So back to school I go. I have to give my notice at work either tomorrow or tuesday requesting to move to VERY part time. Its scary to think about giving up my job but I cant work full time and go to work full time and be able to give either 110% without killing myself. So more big changes coming thats for sure!

Celina galloped for the first time yesterday. Made me realize that she is definitely ready for her own horse. Good thing thats already in the works. I also have to find it in the budget to get her her own barrel saddle. Ugh money money money is what it seems like.

Little does she know she's getting him for Christmas!

Jake and I are slowly getting more and more organized in our home life. I realize more and more how much older I feel compared to others I know that are my age. Especially ones that don't have families. Most of my friends are in their mid thirties instead of mid to late (ok heading more to late) twenties.

I hope you all have a merry christmas!