Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Longer days and a few more updates :)

So we have a TON of snow right now.... we had 16" day before yesterday and had fun digging our horses out

Monday we didn't even bother letting them out... too cold and we had to fix fences

Yesterday there was a 2 hr late start and my boss told me to wait and come in late... so we spent an hour outside. We had bought 650ft of new fencing for CW's run.... well with all the snow it had stretched out and was almost touching the ground. So our day started with first digging a path for the stall doors to open out into their run. With all the snow PLUS all the fall off from the roof there was a 4ft pile of snow outside their doors. So after Jake dug that out while I fed and re-blanketed Shakira we tightened all the fencing....

This ISNT including the day before running into town to pick up bedding and then getting stuck going up the hill to the barn in our 4x4. THEN we had to dig a trench from the truck to the barn to haul up the bedding wheel barrow (dont feel too bad the bedding was in bags) and then dig another trench THROUGH Shakiras run from the barn to where we dump the dirty bedding....

All that and the snow was too deep to ride :(

BUT I did get to ride last week and here are some pics!

And this is my new saddle! A billy cook barrel saddle. I have been wanting one of these for YEARS! My hubby bought it for me.... ok I picked it out but still ..... :)

And this is the new truck! Nice isnt it!

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