Thursday, March 22, 2012

Whats going on with us

First, after some not so fun things happening at our house in Onalaska we moved to Chehalis. Awesome landlord, cute house with 6 acres!  

 Front of the house facing the road
 The view from the master bedroom balcony
 Living room
 Side of house. You can see our french doors and balcony off the master bedroom
The field across from our house

So besides the move, I am going to school full time at Centralia College. I am studying for my LPN. Jake is now the Coffee Lead at his store and working on his Coffee Master. He is waiting for a Shift Supervisor position to open up so he can move up. The kids are in an amazing Christian day care! I love having them come home talking about Bible stories! We still have the horses. Shakirah and Mystic anyway. CW (the big appy) went to a new home last month.
We are really enjoying being closer to town with still a country feel to it! We get to see a red tail hawk that hunts in the pasture across the street. That and there is an indoor riding arena at the end of the road I have access to!
I am training Shakirah for a 25 mile endurance ride in May. I am looking at doing the Mt. Adams Endurance Ride in Trout Lake, WA and hopefully the Renegade Rendezvous in Whenatchee in June. I am very excited. I am getting more and more horses in for training which is really nice, I am staying busy and getting to know a lot of people in the process. I also get to ride a lot of different horses in the process, which I have always enjoyed doing.

Last night we had a scare when Shakirah choked. This is bad for horses because they don't have the same abilities to clear their throat as we do. That and you can't give the horse the Heimlich. So instead of going to wednesday night services we were standing outside with a hose in her mouth trying to flush everything out. Had the vet out this morning and she had cleared most of it, and he did the rest. The danger of choke is not losing the ability to breathe, but the ability to eat or drink. If you don't catch it your horse can become very sick. She can eat and everything now, just has to be on penicillin for the next 3 days to make sure she doesn't get an infection. Talk about a scare. I am totally calm when its any other horse, but its my horse? All brains go out the window and I panic. Ugh....  

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