Monday, September 14, 2015


So basically I know that no one really reads this, and thats ok. I post here as a diary of sorts to see where I have come from and what has changed in our life.

We have animals coming out our ears it seems lol. With 6 chickens, 4 horses, 3 dogs, a sheep and a cat that claims us as her own it can get a little crazy around here. However we kind of like it this way.

The kids started school less then a week ago and its been quiet around the house. I am still on summer break. Celina is in THIRD grade (How did THAT happen?) and the boys are in SECOND grade now. Its so much fun seeing how much they learn and how independent they are becoming. They are hitting an age where they have more freedom to make their own choices and they don't have to be watched every second. They are all becoming quite the little riders as well. Celina can walk, trot and canter without stirrups, I think its going to be difficult to convince here to use stirrups in the future. Afton is getting quite good and walks and trots really well. Hes still too nervous for cantering but hell get there. Anthony has come a long way ever since we switched him to riding dusty. As long as dusty keeps his head out of the grass (hes starving you know) Anthony can walk and trot on him :)

Celina was given Loki as a Christmas present this last year and she shares him with Afton at the moment. Anthony will eventually be given dusty. Those two hit it off like gang busters.

On the horse subject Jake has a new horse. An approx 12 year old quarter type mare named Kahlua. She was a good 300 lbs under weight and extremely timid, but Jake worked his magic on her and she now follows him around like a lost puppy.

So now back to the title of todays blog! At the beginning of August I received my conditional acceptance into the WWCC Nursing program! I was shaking really bad and was jumping up and down like an idiot. Probably gonna frame the dumb letter haha. The conditions were that I passed Anatomy and Physiology 2 (which I was currently in) and to pass my NAC state boards.
Aug 6th was my last day off classes and I passed A and P 2 with an "A". My NAC boards were on August 27th. I passed the written with no issues and waited around for 5 hours or so to take my skills exam. It was nerve wracking especially when someone I had worked closely with didn't pass. I finally got called in and my partner went first (she passed :) ) and then it was my turn. I had to demonstrate;

1. Handwashing
2. Pulse
3/ Weight
4. Ted hose
5. Peri care

As I was waiting to get my results the RN who was testing me asked me if I was going into the nursing program, I stated that I was. She then told me that "you are going to make an amazing nurse. You didn't miss a thing on this and you were very competent and relaxed." Just about then my test results came back and I had passed.

With that done I was IN! I start a week from today and I am extremely nervous and extremely excited! God opened this door for me and I am extremely grateful. The next 2 years are going to be crazy and I am thankful that my husband is supportive and ready to do what it takes to get me through!

So if you are reading this say a prayer for us that we will be strong enough to get through it :)