Monday, January 2, 2017

second year

Its here! My graduation year!!!!!! June 9th 2017 I will graduate nursing school!

Tomorrow starts winter quarter of my second year. I have come so far, but feel like I have SO far to go. I know that a lot of my learning wont start until after I become an RN and start working. But thankfully I am an Extern at Kadlec Regional Medical center, so hopefully I will have a job there once I graduate :)

The kids are getting older and TALLER. Celina turns 10 in 4 days and is less than a foot shorter than me. She is growing up in so many ways, but she is such a kind girl. She has issues like any child does. She is becoming quite the rider as well, I can't wait until we can get her riding consistently.

Afton and Anthony turn 9 this year, and are probably the sweetest caring boys I have ever met. They are so sensitive. They have a bit of attitude and do things wrong as well, but their hearts are pure gold.

I honestly can not complain about my children, they are amazing kids and I love them so much!

Jake finished his bachelors in business management through WGU and I couldn't be prouder of him! I cant wait to see what doors this opens up for him.

We ended up getting Jackie back (you can find her story further back), she was thin, but she is healthy now. We have ended up retiring her, she just doesn't enjoy being ridden. Im sure we could find something to do with her, but I think she deserves a good life of just being a horse.

So many changes have happened and so many changes to come!

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