Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 25... realization about horse jargon

On a blog I frequent Fugly Horse of the Day there was a posting today involving "horse jargon"

Now I have realized that a lot of the time when I am talking with my horse friends we cover topics that can sound... well wrong. When I was taking dressage lessons my instructor would be yelling at me "Rock your pelvis back! Now shoulders back think boobs in the air!" Now we were using headsets that use walky talky signals. So you can imagine if you had come upon that certain phrasing while going through the channels... yeah AWKWARD!!!

No some topics that are covered that can make people look twice

Cleaning of a Geldings or Stallions sheath (topic often comes up in a middle of a crowd for some reason)
The stupidity of Arabs (Arabian horses NOT middle eastern people)
Poop (common subject)
and others

So if you hear someone talking in weird terms dont assume the worst... maybe find out what they are talking about!

Thankful thought: I thank God for my gifts and talents that he saw fit to give to me! I pray that I will use them well!

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