Sunday, November 21, 2010

Holding pattern

You know when you are just waiting in a holding pattern? You know that you are going somewhere and a change is coming, but as I said, you stuck in a holding pattern until the date comes.

Our move in date is the 5th so right now we are just sitting and waiting until that date comes. We have to haul the mini van off to scrap. We were supposed to do that tomorrow but Jake didnt have time to finish what he needed to finish on it so that has to wait until Tuesday. We have to finish packing up the house but we cant finish packing  until closer to the move. We have a few things packed but not that many due to the fact I dont want to be living out of boxes for the next 2 1/2 weeks. Been there, done that, aint gonna do it again.

Now back to the "Thank God for small blessings" post

We had a an issue with an old Title loan we had taken out on the Van. It came up that we owed them an extra $75 we dont know about until recently. So we sent in the payment and we got the "release of interest" and with it? A $79 check to cover changing the title over. On top of the fact since we are scraping it, we just need our current title and the release of interest paperwork. So we ended up $4 ahead.

The other small favor is it looks like Jake is going to be getting an extra 15 minutes a day at work. All the of the heads approved it, we just have to wait for final approval. Its not a lot but an extra about hour and a half a week does add up.

Then when it came to hauling off the van we were looking at having to rent a car trailer to do so. We were talking to a friend of ours and he loaned us his large flat bed to use :)

So overall I am definitely thankful for small favors

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