Friday, November 12, 2010

Not shadow :( And NEW HOUSE!

So after much deliberation (and about an hour staring at pictures with cookie) we have decided that Wiley is not shadow. There were a couple of confirmation things there that DONT change on a horse (like the angle of a horses shoulder. Shadows shoulder was VERY sloped. Which is why he was so good at dressage. Wiley's shoulder was more upright)

On the house news:

We are moving to Onalaska, WA (its actually 4 miles CLOSER to our jobs). Its a 3 bed room 2 bath house on 5 acres with a 24 x 36 pole barn. The house has a very open set up with a back deck and fireplace! Also the master bedroom and the kids bedrooms are on OPPOSITE sides of the house. The kids have their own full bath and we have a JETTED TUB baby!

Have I mentioned the JETTED TUB? That and we can have the dogs in the house with us. The driveway has a gate and the propery is 3/4 fenced.

We are really excited! Pray for us as we move!

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