Monday, April 16, 2012

Jackie again :)

No feet photos this time, shes not quite due yet, but some weight gain pics yes :)

Today Jackie did two things that she hasnt done since we have had her.
1. Stood square on pavement (I know that seems like nothing to you non-horsey people, but it means her feet are SLOWLY getting better
2. And she got into a full out gallop today with bucking :). Before she would just canter along pitifully behind the herd, today she was at the front with her tail in the air!

And some photos!
March 7 2012
March 23rd 2012
April 16th 2012 (and standing square!)

I know you can see some of her ribs but thats mostly because she is no longer standing underneath herself and is standing normal... that and her head is down. If you loo the the curved line in front of her hip that is new and she her back has filled in as well.. its really hard to tell from pics sometimes :)

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