Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring is here!

I think! I am seeing some 70 degree weather in the forecast as well!

We ended up playing Musical Horses yesterday :). At around 8:30 am Mystic went to her new home up north (past bellevue). Then at 3 I met up with someone to evaluate their horse and on my way home I get a text from Jake saying "Sebastian will be here at 4:30."

Ok rewind,... Sebastian is my friend Kadras 4 year old Arabian who is having some tendon issues. We had discussed bringing him here to either a. recoup on our hilly pasture where he will be forced to move or b. sell him. Then we would bring Shakirah to Kadras house so I can use their trails and Weyerhauser roads to actually wear her out.  We had decided to wait a little while until she could get the vet out.

So back to the text I get it and call Jake. I had been out of cell signal so I was REALLY confused. It turns out our friend Brad had to go get one of his horses he had sold and was going to have the trailer and was going to drop the horse and Kadra and James house. So they decided to do the trade since he was there with the trailer (neither of us own one yet). So by the time I got home Sebastian was unloaded and they were ready to let him out. We went and grabbed Shakiah loaded her in the trailer and then I jumped in the car and headed to Jakes ASM's house to go riding.

I don't mind too much :) Now Kadra and I have ANOTHER reason to spend time with each other lol

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