Thursday, June 3, 2010

Insurance mistake

So today I was bored and decided to kind of browse through my car insurance policy. I clicked on "driving record" Mine looked fine, but Jakes had TWO accidents. One "non at fault" accident on 11-30-2008 and One "at fault" accident on 12-14-2008 (which was reported by the MVR).

Well either we had an at fault accident that we didnt know about or there was a mistake. The mistake being that BOTH accidents were actually the SAME accident and it was Non-at fault (anyone remember that Ice/Snow storm in the end of 08/beginning of 09?)

At first I was freaking out trying to figure out how to get the at fault accident changed to a non at fault on our MVR. I decided that progressive would probably know so I tried them first

So I called progressive and explained the situation. The lady on the phone told me that for one I didnt have to call the MVR. Alls that reports is that there is an accident. The insurance company assumes it is at-fault until it is told differently. She said she wasnt sure why the computer hadnt caught that they were probably the same accident (I didnt remember the exact date of the accident just that it was somewhere around nov/dec). So we had been being charged for an At-fault accident since we signed up for the policy a year ago.

So she at first needed me to explain the accident so that she could document "why" it was non-at fault. Then once she did she said that we would be getting a refund for the entire time we had the policy for what we were overcharged. For the past year we will get a electronic funds transfer. For the current policy we will get a credit added to our account. Then the rest of the policy we will be getting a newer rate.

And then the other good news. When it comes time to renew, we will not only be getting a newer rate but my ticket will come off (so a three year clean driving record) and Jakes non-at fault is 0 points so he will have one too! So thats means a discount.

Alls I can say is thankyou God!

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