Friday, June 18, 2010

Need to find a more interesting title then "update"

So insurance: What ended up happening we dont have to pay insurance for until August AND are getting a $25 return. So their mistake ended up costing them almost $300.
Also found out when we renew our contract we will BOTH have a three year clean driving record. So that means a lower rate.

Also with insurance. I am going to buy Broad From Named Operator insurance. AKA I am covered on ANY vehicle I drive. That way I can drive my "employers" car whenever needed and not have to worry.

Now to family updates:

We have started potty training the boys. AKA letting them run around in the evenings with no diapers on and just starting to let them realize when things are happening. They like to sit on the potty for .5 seconds ever few minutes but we have the whole summer. Not in a hurry on that one.

We are still waiting to hear if Celina got into preschool. But we probably wont know until August OR later. So we are waiting.....

My job. I am really enjoying it. I am half way done with my certification. I have two classes left and I am done. The good news is I am getting paid $10 an hour to be there. Then as soon as I am done I will put my name into the referral registry so I can find at least one more client/employer

Jakes Job: He is so happy to have three months off where he doesnt have to worry about where our bills are going to come from. He has gotten an assurance of a job AND will be getting a small raise next year.

All in all... God is providing for our family in ways we could have never imagined.

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