Sunday, June 27, 2010

Realization yesterday!

For those that dont know I have an Anxiety issue. I over stress about EVERYTHING and it became a huge problem for me last year...

I was to the point I couldn't function. I couldn't go out into public, couldn't talk to people and didn't want to get out of bed. So the doctor started me on anti-anxiety medication. WOW what a difference

Well a little after we moved into out house I stopped the everyday meds and just kept the as needed ones. Pretty much when I start feeling like im going to have a panic attack I can take one (or on days/situations I can take one).

Well I have been having issues lately riding horses. I get all tied up a nervous and with these Paso's it transfers right to them.

So yesterday I was going to go on a trailride. The orginal horse I was going to ride went into heat and wasnt going to be able to ride in the trailer with a gelding and another mare. So cook called and asked if I wanted to ride Al.

Now to back track me and Al have a love hate relationship. Hes a LOT arrogant and can be prone to temper tantrums. and I tend to get nervous on him.

So this time I had a brillant thought and decided to take an one of my "happy pills" It was amazing. It was the best ride I have had on him. I was able to think things through and keep my self calm. And since I was keeping my adrenaline down, HIS adrenaline stayed down and we had an enjoyable ride.

And just a quick note to Christians. Having to take medications for depression/anxiety is NOT a weakness and DOES NOT mean you arent relying on God. Yes you should still pray to God about your problem. But sometimes his solution is giving you a doctor that can give you medication to help. As my cousin said."If you can take medication for your heart (or whatever else) why cant I take medication for my brain?"

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