Saturday, August 28, 2010

Play Day and etc....

So Celina and the boys rode in the Mount adams trail riders Club. They had 5 different events. The kids rode Nikka who is a 10 year old POA.
These are the following events and how they did:
Barrels: Celina got 2nd, Afton 4th and Anthony got a participant ribbon
Flag Race: The boys didnt compete after barrels, Celina got particpant
Figure 8: Celina got Participant
Key Hole: Third
Poles: Fourth

Not bad for her first "barrel show!"

It was fun and I think the kids enjoyed it! It was specifically for kids 12 and under. So it worked out great!

Oh and just some updates on other things:
My doctor checked my Vitamin D again and WITH being on 50,000 IU weekly and 600 IU daily of Vitamin D my levels are FINALLY normal! But I have to continue with the regimen.

We still havent heard if Celina got into pre-school. They said we will find out after the 1st... grr for waiting.

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