Sunday, November 13, 2011

Rainy Days

As a lot of people know I am training Shakirah (my 6 year old Arabian mare) for her first endurance race with Kadra and her Arabian gelding Sebastian. Lately it hasn't been too bad weather wise, but the rain is coming, and coming quickly. Which means Kadra and I are going to soon look like pumpkins on the back of our horses. We did 9 miles on them two days ago, and after 9 miles, 25 doesn't seem like all that far lol. And I know Im a horse person. Wanting to spend that much time on the back of a horse sounds like a vacation to me! I am so excited. Of course I am working on getting the things I need to be able success fully do this, but I am working on it slowly... and I have my Christmas wish list written up lol!

I always wanted to do endurance, but I didnt want to do it alone and I didn't think I could get ahold of a horse that loved to go.... well we moved here a year ago and found Kadra AND Shakirah! She goes 9 miles and still wants to go with her ears up (and if we get to run a little she LOVES that).

Thankfully we live right down the road from active weyerhauser logging land. Also thankfully the loggers have NO problem with the horses, more often then not we get waves and smiles.We are careful and wear bright colors and are respectful of the truck drivers.

My ride is set for May 19th 2012 in Trout Lake WA so anyone who would like to come and support me and my best friend in our attempt at a long ride please do! We would love the support. (You can find information on their Facebook Page

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