Monday, May 17, 2010

New job and New dog food

Ok so first:
I have a new job! I start monday. Heres how it came about:
Friday Jakes parents invited us over for a weenie roast. Well a couple that attends our church named Leta and Van were there as well. I was talking to Leta about how I was needing a job as the church wasn't going to be able to pay our rent any longer. We chatted for a little while and she asked me what experience I had. I told her a revised version of my job history. She told me the reason she brought it up was because she was in need of a caregiver. She qualified for 75 hours a month and the rate of pay was $10.03 an hour. I told her that sounded great and that I would give her a call tomorrow (sat)
Well Saturday on our way down to Cynden and David's wedding I got a call from her asking if I wanted to take her to her doctors appointment on Monday so I could get an idea of whats all wrong with her, and then go to her house and kind of get a feel for things and then get ahold of Kelly to get things rolling. I said sure that sounded good and I would be at her house by 10 am Monday morning
10 am rolls around and I take her to her appointment and run some errands with her, go out to lunch and just talk. She shows me around her house and everything. We get ahold of Kelly and she tells me that I will have to fill out a background check form, get that in and once it comes back then I will go to Centralia and get my contract paperwork done and then I can start.
Leta and I talk about it and realize that they have an office in Morton. So we drive down, the sign says closed but we go in anyways. The lady in there says that I can fill out a form there and then get it faxed in. I had all my ID with me so we went ahead and did it. I fill it out and she says it is going to take at minimum a week to get back.
That was at around 230. At a little after 4 I get a call from a lady at the Centralia office saying she had received my background check and had sent it in and had already gotten a clean report back. She said that she was amazed and that NEVER happens (PRAISE THE LORD).
She goes ahead and schedules my contract appointment for Friday at 230.
So once thats done I can start. I have 120 days to get my classes done which will be 32 hours and as I understood it the class is paid for AND I get paid for my time.

So on to the new dog food. Jake and I had decided to try making our own dog food. Auzie seems to have an issue with commercial dog food and im sorry I REFUSE to pay $50-$60 for a 20lb bag of dog food.
So Jake went and talked to the local butcher about maybe getting some scrap me. He says sure I have to pay to get rid of it so you can have it. So we went for it. Jake looked at it and what it is is meat that is too hard to get the good stuff out of.
Jake spent about 20 minutes getting the good meat off of it and we cooked it up with rice and carrots.
We mixed it with their dog food and they LOVED it. So saving $50 a month a dog food makes me happy :)

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