Monday, May 3, 2010

Dentist Appointment and The Missing Nail

So the kids all had dentist appointments today. Celina was first. We went in and she sat on the chair (which she looked so tiny on) and they put the thing in her mouth to take x-rays. She sat really still and was really well behaved. The assistant came in a polished her teeth (which Celina liked the taste of). The doctor came in and looked in her mouth to check for cavities and said everything looked good. The assistant came back in to do a fluoride coat. Celina opened her mouth wide and said "YUMMY" She liked the taste of the fluoride as well. The assistant said that she has never had someone of any age say they liked it. 
Then the boys had their turn. Theres was just having the dentist check and make sure all their teeth where there and there were no cavities. They did the upside lap exam thing. They both tried biting the doctor lol

And then we came home tonight and realized that Aftons nail is 90% off. So Jake took the rest of it off. 

What happened was about a week or so ago they were over at Grandmas and all of a sudden Afton was screaming. Celina had shut his finger in the door of laundry room. After the initial melt down Afton didn't favor the finger or even the hand. Two days ago we realized that the finger nail was starting to come off and then today it was almost off. 

So yeah Mr. Afton is one nail short :)

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  1. Poor Afton:( So glad the dentist visit went well.