Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 13

Lucky day 13, or actually blessed day 13 and so far it has been. I had a good day at work and came home to the dogs being out and the kids playing. You know the normal happened... two of the kids stepped in dog poop, Celina decided to eat all of her ranch and NONE of her veggies, the boys are having melt downs as we speak and of course im cramping :).

Speaking of I know a lot of women who think the pill is annoying, but honestly after having months of never knowing when it was going to show up it is SO nice to know its starts somewhere between monday night and tuesday night the fourth week of my cycle! For so long it would be two weeks after, then five weeks after that, then three.. ugh it was so irritating and so many times I thought "oh great im late" and would go out and buy a test to have my cycle start the next day (or course).

So anyways.. I went a little into left field. We are trying a new orange chicken recipe (thanks to my cousin sierra at The Tervo Times ) so I will let you know how it goes.

Thankful thought for the day..... Im thankful that God hears us. I mean seriously he's GOD he doesnt have to listen to us sinning lowly humans, but he does. He cares for us, hears our cry's and answers our prayers (even when the answers no, not right now or not the answer we want). He hears us. Even when we feel like our prayers are hitting the ceiling he hears us. 

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