Monday, September 20, 2010

Day Nine The story of the bull frog that fixed our car!

So our car has been ticking REALLY bad and then started doing this weird "im not in the right gear" jerk.
Well last night on our way home from my parents house we hit a bullfrog or a toad (BIG) and I felt it hit the underside of the car. We laughed about it and went on

I kind of noticed when we turned onto Kindle road that the car wasnt doing its weird jerking thing. But didnt think anything of it. When we got into the garage I got out. And there was NO ticking. The car was purring.

So this morning we turn it on and again no ticking. On the way to work none of the jerking. On our way home we got stopped for a school bus and the car was idling smooth and when we got to Maritas I really listened. No ticking, and the putting sound that was coming from the exhause... GONE

I have no doubt that God works in mysterious ways and honestly I have no idea if the frog had anything to do with it, but my praise for the day?

However you did it THANKYOU for fixing our car!

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