Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day Four

Wow it didnt take long for a day to come along where I would struggle to be thankful.

Lets start with the thankful...I am thankful for the opportunities that have been given to me.

What happened is the lady that I work for had a horse that I did all the ground work on. I spent 3 months on him as he was distrusting and spooky. I got him to the point I could throw anything at him and he was ready to ride. Then Cook broke her arm and the training was put on hold.

She has a buyer coming to get him tonight and so started riding him a week ago. She has about 4 rides on him and I was listening to her talk and she was telling the other boarder about how much ground work SHE did on him. Besides the fact that the ONLY reason he is selling is because of the ads I have placed online and maintained.

I guess I dont like someone else claiming my work as their own.


  1. Claiming one's praise is low. I know a writer who had her devotionals copied and pasted onto someone else's blog...not just without permission, but they signed their own name to it, claiming authorship...on tacky is that?

    Sorry that happened to you.

  2. Wow that is low. I don't mind her saying that he was trained using her techniques. Because he was. But I did all the work and I'm not even getting a mention. Besides the fact the only reason he sold was because I post and maintain the ads on 5 different websites, forward all emails to cook, post pictures and videos for potential buyers, and respond to emails as needed...

    Sigh... even just a mention that I HELPED would be nice