Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day seven! Thinking of the past week and ahead to the rest of the month!

So this is the end of week one. It has been interesting for me and has made me think a lot. Which is my entire point. I want to get more in the habit of thinking and being grateful for what God has provided. Even though so far I have still had my bad days, but I have noticed more of a peace. At the end of the day thinking back I realize how much God has given me that I really don't deserve. How much God has been there for me when things have gotten difficult or when I think that there is no way to get through.

Right now it has been hard not to stress as our little car (the Ford Escort) is continuing to have more and more problems. It started ticking pretty badly awhile back, we talk to a friend of ours who realized it is related to the exhaust system (the exhaust putters in time with the ticks), but now it has started acting up while driving. It is acting like when you are about to run out of gas, or (with a clutch) like you are driving in too high of a gear for the speed you are going. We have the opportunity to buy a car, but that is going to have to wait until tax return. I just have to keep praying that God will either 1. Keep his hand over our car or 2. Provide something if the car breaks down beyond repair before February.

So keep us in your prayers on that

So thankful thought?: I am thankful for the friends God has placed in our lives! Even though they probably aren't what most people consider normal friends, they are always there when we need them!

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