Thursday, April 22, 2010

Boys 2 year check up

So that was kind of interesting. The boys appointment was at 3. Jake doesn't get home until 3:15. So I dropped Celina off at Grandmas, got the boys checked in and went back to the room. We got the boys weighed (they for  some reason are VERY hesitant to go back there anyways lol).

Jake ended up getting there before the doctor came in so that was good. He first checked their weights against the percentile (which last time Afton wasn't even ON the chart)

Afton weighed 25 lbs (15th percentile) and was 35 inches tall (60th Percentile)
Anthony weighed 26lbs (25th percentile) and was 34 1/2 inches tall (50th percentile)

So they have finally caught up the curve. Its only taken 2 years. That and developmentally wise they are only about a month behind (instead of 2 months or so that they were behind). The other thing is Afton is taller then Anthony! Anthony has been the bigger twin in height and weight since they were born. But Afton finally surpassed him in height.

I was just glad that the boys are healthy for their age and are looking good in the size department. The nice thing is NO doctors appointments for them until January unless they are sick... YAY! Well unless Celina gets accepted into headstart. Then we will have to go in and get her a school check up.

Next step is dentist appointments... ugh....

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