Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday....At last

You know we all have those times of week that is our "Saturday". For some it is on Monday, others Thursday. Luckily for us our Saturday IS on saturday because Jake works for the school. The hard thing about it is we get one day off a week (off? Ok One day where we aren't required to be somewhere) Sundays are a work day for us. Normally Saturdays end up being work days as well. Not that we HAVE to be anywhere but there is a lot of things that dont get done the rest of the week that get done on Saturday. Like going out town.

Today is one of those "out town" days. We are selling the boys double bike trailer/stroller (woo hoo an extra $30!) and then we have to do our grocery shopping. So its load all the kids up in our car and make the hour+ drive into Puyallup.

The other thing today that is making it hard to leave is we order Jakes camera last week and the FedEx website says it is to be here TODAY (and alls this time I thought they DIDN'T do Saturday deliveries. Guess I was wrong.) So hopefully they read the note we leave on the door to leave the box in our garage.

Just for information we bought Jake a Canon EOS 10D DSLR camera. It was produced in 2003 and originally cost upwards of $1500. Alls I can say is Jake is excited. VERY excited. And I am happy for him. I am glad we were able to do this. Shooting pictures seems to relax him and he enjoys the challenge of it. See my stress relief is horses. I go to the barn for an hour and all is right with the world

Now I don't TECHNICALLY have a horse of my own. But I have one I am working with that is considered "my" horse. She is a Paso Fino mare whose registered name is Almost A Dancer. She has been ridden all over humanity but is still considered green broke. This breed of horse is considered a ONE PERSON horse. They have their person they listen too and that they trust and they perform best for that person. We are working on me becoming HER person. She is absolutely gorgeous and I cant wait till I get to take her out and really let her stretch her legs!

Well signing off here in Thelandology land!

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