Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The joys of parenting

No and I mean that seriously. Yesterday while I was at the barn Jake (with his new camera) had a blast taking photos of the kids. Then after I came home and ate dinner we took them all outside and Jake had fun taking photos of the kids, the dogs and me. It was fun seeing those candid shots and the kids personality came through in the photos.

Jake was having fun messing with his camera and figuring it all out. The last DSLR he used was a Canon Digital Rebel. This is a Canon EOS 10D. Its a little nicer and has some different settings that he has to get used to. But it takes really nice photos! And has a nice automatic setting for me (Miss Camera illiterate) that I can play with the camera (when Jake doesnt have it lol)

I also took some photos (with my camera phone) of me and the filly (who is actually a mare now, she is almost 6). Mainly I just got to go out and mess with her yesterday. She was being spooky and jumpy so I decided lets do 5 minutes of ground work until she starts listening and then just spoil her. She didn't mind and it was good for me. Just being out and messing with a horse lifts my mood. I am excited that I have the freedom to come work with her whenever. And once the weather gets nice I cant wait until we can go out on trails. Especially once the filly and I are more confident with each other.

Ohh and check out my facebook for photos!

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