Thursday, April 15, 2010

Is it Friday yet?

Just wondering lol. Partly because this weekend is going to be busy. Tomorrow Jake gets off at 11:30 to run down to Puyallup to pick up the Krispy Kreme order. We have to take the suburban because for some reason I dont think 82 dozen donuts will fit in the back of our little 2 door escort lol. Then we have to make sure all the students get their orders.

Then saturday we are celebrating the boys 2nd birthday (their actual birthday isn't until the 20th). So family will be coming up and we will let the boys have their day :). I am hoping that my siblings Cristi and Gene (and his son Kristopher) will be able to make it.

Its funny I found this show on netflix called Horseland (I have heard of it). The kids like it, especially my little horse lover. But frankly it DRIVES ME NUTS. They get so many things MASSIVELY wrong. It does worry me that kids will try the things that this show uses. Especially since they act like its right. When its actually dangerous. But I guess that is me. I am miss critic, especially when it comes to horses lol.

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