Friday, April 16, 2010

So the pro's and con's of the new to us car AND..

Four doors
Running boards
Low enough to the ground
Wide enough so there is space between the three seats
Long trunk
High towing capacity
Low miles
great tread on tires

So in the pros I am glad that their is four doors. That is so much easier to get the kids into! The mixture of running boards and the fact that it is lower to the ground then our Montero was makes it so Celina can get in and out by herself and I can get the boys into the car without standing on tip toe. And also there is space inbetween the seats so the kids aren't fighting over arm space.
That and we didn't lose our towing capacity OR bed space. The bed is just inside the trunk

HORRIBLE gas mileage (10 mpg, no worse then the truck though)
Shifts rough in between 1st and 2nd (no grinding)
Its old
Made our car insurance go up :(

But hey it drives good and looks good compared to others its age

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