Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sad Day for Christianity

I am sad and disappointed in the above articles. Ray Boltz and Jennifer Knapp have both come out as homosexuals.

And YES I am AGAINST homosexuality. Especially in those that claim to know Christ personally and to follow his word. I could list all the scriptures that flat out state that homosexuality is wrong. No if's and's or buts. Especially the part that states that they will make excuses for themselves and for those like them. 

We as Christians have to fight our fleshly desires daily. I know plenty that have to fight their desire to drink, or to cheat on their wives, or to do whatever. For those to say "God made me this way, so he wont condemn me" is like an alcoholic to say "God made me so that I like drinking and have an addicting personality, so he wont condemn me." You know I fight "fleshy" tendencies daily. I am working on losing weight because I believe gluttony is a sin. I resist the desire to eat when I am bored or angry. I force myself to work out, at the minimum 3 days a week. Its a hard battle, but I refuse to give up and say "well God made me this way"

To truly be following Christ is to give up all fleshly desires and to follow him. 

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