Sunday, April 11, 2010

So proud

You know it is so nice to get to see your spouse do something that they are passionate about. Jake had the opportunity to speak in the "adult" service (aka sunday morning service). He did an amazing job!

Sundays are always somewhat stressful as being part of the pastoral staff. ESPECIALLY in a small church. You show up and wonder how many will make it this week? Will offerings be good? Will worship work out good? Or will we struggle the entire service?

This week was good/bad... We had a lower attendance then usual but the spirit was moving. Worship was good (and hey my feet didnt hurt too bad) and then it moved seamlessly onto Jakes message. I think his message had the potential to step on a few toes, but they took it well and their were a lot of interaction from the congregation.

So change of subject:

We are heading out town (AGAIN) but this time to trade the truck for a suburban. Its a 1982 C20 Suburban. (which means its a 3/4 ton WOO HOO) It runs well and everything. I love our truck but its a single cab. This will mean when Jake leaves for work I will have a car that I can fit all the kids into! Im excited and the photo is of our truck!

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