Friday, April 9, 2010


Ahh I am going to get into the habit of blogging about the craziness that is our life. We have three young children. A three year old little diva and two year old twin tornadoes. We have two dogs, my husband is a youth pastor/para educator/dad/husband, and I am a house wife/homemaker/mom/assistant trainer. My husband and I probably don't fit the "normal" roles of a husband and wife. Like the fact that Jake loves to cook,can somehow manage to wipe a poopy butt with only one wipe (something I have FAILED to master) and is one that I NEVER worry about leaving home alone with the kids. Or the fact that I can handle cleaning a gelding's sheath without gagging but it took me almost 6 months to get past the smell of a poopy diaper (wait I still have issues with that at times)

Mainly this will be updates of our daily lives. But at others it may be me ranting, or posting ideas so you may have to put up with me. I hope you enjoy!


  1. WELCOME TO BLOGLAND! I have to laugh as I scrolled down your bloglist to see if I knew anyone and low and's mostly horse peeps. :P Got a good giggle on that one.

    I hope you enjoy blogging!

  2. Oh...and if you want to spruce up your blog page there are lots of free premade templates. here is one site I used in the past before I made my own.

  3. Well, I was going to say welcome to blogland but someone beat me to it! lol. Welcome anyway. It's a fun place to hang out. I'll be watching for your entries now. Hope you have a great Saturday!

  4. Well of course its mostly horse ones... its me lol. I decided I should jump on the bandwagon finally. Dont know how often ill keep it up, but its not like I dont have free time at home....;)